Embankment project creates jobs for Mahakali Municipality residents

Kanchanpur, Dec. 2 -- Every year, Jogbuda River causes floods and erosion in Mahakali Municipality, turning swathes of arable land into sand-beds and settlements into islands. But three years ago, th... Read More

A women-run factory producing sustainable goods in Mahendranagar

Kanchanpur, Dec. 1 -- Fifty-year-old Lakshmi Mahata from Mahendranagar was a full-time housewife a year ago. Once she was done with household chores, she would while away her days, she says. Today, t... Read More

Tarai farmers face crop failure due to fake paddy seeds

Kanchanpur, Nov. 8 -- Farmer Mina Bhandari of Kanchanpur is deeply worried. It has been 160 days since she transplanted her paddy plants, and they have only started flowering when they should have rea... Read More

Police seize three excavators from Mahakali River for extracting riverbed materials haphazardly

Kanchanpur, Oct. 14 -- The District Police Office in Kanchanpur has seized three excavators for extracting riverbed material haphazardly from the Mahakali river. On Saturday, police personnel also br... Read More