Rwanda Reopening Promotes Domestic and Regional Tourism

U.S., July 17 -- After the Rwanda reopening of its borders mid last month, the country is now observing a growing number of local tourists in the eco-tourism area where the country's green environment... Read More

Kenya Airspace to Reopen: Joins Other African States

U.S., July 10 -- Joining other African states south of the Sahara to Kenya airspace is set to re-open for domestic and international travelers, focusing on domestic, regional, and international touris... Read More

3 weeks after reopening Tanzania for tourism no spike in COVID-19

U.S., July 5 -- On June 18, Tanzania officially reopened its borders. Three weeks into this, there is no new spike in Coronavirus infection. The country remains stable with 305 recorded active cases a... Read More

African States Battling COVID-19 with Low Wildlife Conservation Budgets

U.S., June 30 -- African states battling COVID-19 with its accompany economic recession are observing the great danger and adverse impacts on wildlife conservation for sustainable tourism development ... Read More