Russian airlines lost 3.2 billion rubles from Putin's Georgia 'flight ban'

U.S., Dec. 6 -- Russian airlines estimate their losses from the ban on flights to Georgia, introduced at the height of the "high" tourist season by decision of Russia's President Vladimir Putin, at 3.... Read More

Who is airline turnaround of the year?

U.S., Dec. 6 -- LOT Polish Airlines was selected for its return to profit since 2016, following an extended period of loss-making, while also resuming strong traffic growth. In 2019, it expects to car... Read More

Who is the regional airline of the year?

U.S., Dec. 6 -- airBaltic was selected for its strong return to growth and profitability after emerging from a challenging restructuring period. Annual passenger numbers, essentially unchanged at 2.6 ... Read More

Who is the low-cost airline of the year?

U.S., Dec. 6 -- Spirit Airlines was selected for pioneering the ultra-low-cost model in North America, and more recently, turning its operations around and improving its customer relations. It is furt... Read More

Who is the airline executive or the year?

U.S., Dec. 6 -- This award is presented to the airline executive who has had the greatest individual influence on the aviation industry, demonstrating outstanding strategic thinking and innovative dir... Read More

CruiseTrends: Most popular cruise lines, cruise ships and travel dates

U.S., Dec. 6 -- CruiseTrends report for the month of December 2019 was released today. This report details a picture of consumer behavior for cruise ship travel for December 2019. The reports provides... Read More

Canada and US issue Dominica travel advisories over 'civil unrest'

U.S., Dec. 6 -- The Government of Canada and the United States Department of State have issued Dominica travel advisories. Travel warnings were issued in response to civil unrest in Dominica ahead of... Read More

FAA: Holiday or not - do not aim laser-light displays at sky

U.S., Dec. 5 -- The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a warning today that holiday laser-light displays aimed at houses become potentially dangerous when aimed into the sky. The agency rec... Read More

Largest national park in East Africa set in Tanzania

U.S., Dec. 5 -- The President of Tanzania has signed into a law a proposal endorsed by the Tanzanian parliament to establish the largest national park in East Africa . The Tanzanian President, Dr. Jo... Read More

MCB Tour Championship in Seychelles starts off with Pro-Am Competition

U.S., Dec. 5 -- Following its first leg from Madagascar, the MCB Tour Championship 2019 continues its journey in the Seychelles at Constance Lemuria, Praslin. The well anticipated competition leg of ... Read More