Dilip Mahato should have been a hero. Instead, he will be forgotten.

Nepal, Jan. 24 -- By all accounts, Om Prakash Mahato (Dilip) was the sort of person Nepal needed. He was studying Mechanical Engineering, and was in his final year at Bhopal, India. He did not want to... Read More

Losing our conscience, one country at a time

Nepal, Jan. 10 -- In the early 2000s, I had just entered undergraduate college as a naive young man. Nine-eleven had occurred the previous year, and the US had already invaded Afghanistan in search of... Read More

A reading list for the new year, focused on China

Nepal, Dec. 27 -- As a tumultuous year for our neighbourhood comes to an end, for Nepal, it's been a year marked by a bilateral high and a superpower tussle in Kathmandu's power corridors. The visit o... Read More

The year the Sino-US tussle came to Kathmandu

Nepal, Dec. 13 -- The year 2019 will probably be defined as the year Pax Americana met with its greatest challenge since the heydays of the Cold War. The Pax Sinica as envisioned by Beijing through it... Read More

Smile! You're on camera

Nepal, Nov. 29 -- This past week, a tidbit from a story on The Record caught my attention: although it was long suspected that China had been partly assisting Nepal Police with surveillance equipment,... Read More

What privilege looks like in Nepal

Nepal, Nov. 15 -- When federalism was adopted in Nepal, it was watered down. Yet, it was hoped that provinces at the forefront of the battle for rights and representation would strive to lead the way ... Read More

VTEN's arrest is only a symbol of a larger malaise

Nepal, Nov. 1 -- The night of Laxmi Puja, a group of dancers somewhere in Pokhara decided to end their performance by invoking what is perhaps Nepal's most popular song at the moment: Rapper Samir Ghi... Read More