Show me the numbers

Nepal, Sept. 4 -- As a people, we love rituals, be it Indra Jatra rites or the everyday rounds of temples in the morning. A new ritual has now imprinted itself on our minds. This one occurs every even... Read More

Starting over again

Nepal, Aug. 21 -- Every morning, for the past five months, a tailorbird couple sits outside our window, their distinctive cheep-cheep-cheep call acting as our alarm clock. In these months, the couple ... Read More

What does China want from Nepal?

Nepal, Aug. 6 -- Sixty-five years to the day that Sardar Gunja Man Singh and Ambassador Yuan Zhongxian signed the agreement and established diplomatic relations between Nepal and the People's Republic... Read More

Why current conservation models are flawed

Nepal, July 23 -- In a series of articles in 2018, author Shradha Ghale identified several key issues with conservation practices in Nepal: that it is a centralised, top-heavy model with little regard... Read More

In Nepali politics, you can never trust your friends

Nepal, July 10 -- In Macbeth, Shakespeare's play about the disloyal Scot general who commits regicide and becomes king and is then haunted by his betrayal, we get a sense of what loyalty and honour st... Read More