Hyper-scheduling in a time of lockdown

Kuala Lampur, March 1 -- One of the most important "normals" the pandemic and lockdown have overhauled is our modes of meeting, learning and conferencing. Like it or not, since last year most of us h... Read More

The Ravi Zacharias scandal and addiction

Kuala Lampur, Feb. 22 -- Around last Christmas, it was confirmed that Ravi Zacharias, world-famous Christian evangelist and apologist who died in May 2020, was in all likelihood guilty of numerous act... Read More

Six ang pow 'rules' to remember

Kuala Lampur, Feb. 15 -- Many years ago, my family was in Singapore celebrating Chinese New Year. On the second or third day, we went to visit an elderly aunty, had lunch, said goodbye and went home. ... Read More

We should behave like it is 20,000 cases daily

Kuala Lampur, Jan. 11 -- One of the reasons we managed to "flatten the curve" between April and June last year was because the country was made to behave as if the daily positive numbers were 10,000 i... Read More

Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination - Yes or no?

Kuala Lampur, Jan. 5 -- I confess at this stage I lean more towards yes. But in recent days I've heard from quite a few of my friends who've argued for no (and my friends aren't anti-vaxxers!). So I... Read More

Will people ever matter more than profits?

Kuala Lampur, Dec. 14 -- The recent exposes on the oppressive living conditions of factory and constructionworkers remind me of a conversation my late grandmother had with my aunt. My aunt saw one of... Read More