Where will it land? Cyclone Remal may show unpredictable character, according to weather agencies

India, May 24 -- One model shows it making landfall on the West Bengal & Bangladesh coasts; the other shows it doing so on the Odisha coast between Puri and Paradip Cyclone Remal may form over the ea... Read More

Warming oceans, La Nina and reduced trade winds to fuel a hyperactive hurricane season for North Atlantic

India, May 24 -- There is 85% chance for formation of above-normal number of named tropical storms & hurricanes in 2024, NOAA predicts The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of th... Read More

How can early warnings for cyclones be improved

India, May 23 -- Forecasting cyclone tracks, speed & accompanying rainfall becomes challenging due to data gaps and rapidly warming oceans Globally, tropical cyclones - also known as hurricanes, typh... Read More

Cyclone Remal in making? Low-pressure area forms over Bay of Bengal

India, May 22 -- Low-pressure area forms just off Tamil Nadu coast; Remal may move close to West Bengal & Bangladesh coasts A low-pressure area formed over southwest and adjoining west central Bay of... Read More

Monsoon arrives over Bay of Bengal and Andaman & Nicobar archipelago

India, May 20 -- Except some eastern parts ofIndia and most of the Northeast, all regions may receive good rainfall, according to the India Meteorological Department The winds of the South West Monso... Read More

Lean cyclone season? Monsoon winds, cyclonic system can help or disrupt each other

India, May 20 -- Late genesis of cyclonic system before or around onset of southwest monsoon can translate into weak or late monsoon over Kerala or block progress to rest of country A low pressure ar... Read More

Expect first pre-monsoon cyclone in Bay of Bengal next week

India, May 19 -- Cyclone may be severe due to the extremely warm sea-surface temperatures The first cyclone of the pre-monsoon season for 2024 may be brewing in the Bay of Bengal even as the India Me... Read More

World on track to shatter temperature records for 12 consecutive months in May 2024

India, May 16 -- Both air and ocean temperatures have been on a record-breaking streak for the past 12 months and 13 months, respectively May 2024 is poised to become the 12th month to break its temp... Read More

Dust devils in Mumbai, Delhi caused by merging wind systems

India, May 14 -- Wind speeds were as high as 107 km / hr in Mumbai and 92.7 km / hrin Delhi Mumbai on May 13 and Delhi on May 10, separated by 1,500 km, experienced dust storms with extremely high wi... Read More

Humid heatwaves in India: Three climatic factors creating the unbearable conditions in many states

India, May 1 -- A combination of anticyclones, western disturbances & warming to blame Moisture levels in many parts of India are much higher than normal. States like Odisha and West Bengal are even ... Read More