Islamic State may target medical facilities in Europe

Bangladesh, June 4 -- Anti-terrorism officials in the EU have warned that the Islamic State is looking to use the Wuhan coronavirus crisis to carry out more terrorist attacks. Counter-terrorism coord... Read More

Economic sanctions against Hong Kong an unrealistic last resort

Bangladesh, June 4 -- The National People's Congress (NPC) has recently approved the national security laws for Hong Kong by an overwhelming majority. This is a legitimate move by China to improve its... Read More

US foreign policy decision-makers should be able to use India's resistance to China to keep Beijing's ambitious BRI in check

Bangladesh, June 4 -- Geopolitical trends of the last two decades show that pivotal states in Eurasia are working to recreate their zones of influence. In so doing, they are challenging the US, which ... Read More

US policy on Chinese students insensible

Bangladesh, June 4 -- In a proclamation issued on Friday, the US president announced the United States is imposing entry restrictions on students and researchers from China, including those who have a... Read More

Islamists in America embracing Erdogan's authoritarianism

Bangladesh, June 4 -- Leaders of American Islamist groups celebrated Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, this week by heaping praise on Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of Turkey who aims to be a lead... Read More

Sarah Stern speaks about her efforts to fight anti-Israel bias

Bangladesh, June 4 -- Sarah Stern, founder and president of the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) spoke to participants in a May 22 Middle East Forum webinar about her efforts to fight anti-Israe... Read More

In the eyes of the Financial Times, Israel is a "segregated society"

Bangladesh, June 4 -- Adam Levick of CAMERA dissects a recent article on Israel in the Financial Times. The headline of the story in the Financial Times is "The Arab medics battling coronavirus in Isr... Read More

Pentagon's research agency may help in getting rid of jetlag

Bangladesh, June 4 -- Jet lag is nature's reminder that while humans can fly around the world, they still leave their body clocks at home. It's taxing enough for most of us, but particularly so for mi... Read More

Iran's bitter experience in South Lebanon

Bangladesh, June 4 -- Twenty years after Israel's withdrawal from south Lebanon, it is worth considering basic questions about its experience over years of warfare in a campaign that did not aim for v... Read More

How do technologies impact the event management sector?

Bangladesh, June 3 -- Everyone adapts easily to technologies especially to ones that make lives easier and more convenient. Event planners must follow the route of their customers and must be up-to-da... Read More