Europe's focus on ISIS children reignited by Dutch court case

BANGLADESH, Dec. 3 -- He is a handsome boy, about 9 or 10 years old, with large, pale green eyes and dark hair. He speaks softly, conversing with a Western journalist. "We will kill you," he says, as... Read More

Egypt's blasphemy law is an effective tool for the Islamists

BANGLADESH, Dec. 3 -- Article 65 of Egypt's constitution guarantees freedom of thought and expression. Article 64 guarantees the absolute freedom to worship, to build places of worship and practice re... Read More

American and Indian films are making an impact across the world

BANGLADESH, Dec. 3 -- Film Aesthetics Film aesthetics is a branch of philospohy that examines the beauty and meaning in a work of art. It is different from the film criticism, though some film critis... Read More

Hong Kong's first mobile network operator to accomplish 5G standalone network trial

BANGLADESH, Dec. 3 -- China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) is Hong Kong's first mobile network operator to have successfully accomplished 5G Standalone (SA) network test and also completed the first voice ov... Read More

Radicalization of Muslims in the name of Islam

BANGLADESH, Dec. 2 -- In the years since the 9/11 attacks, the individual perpetrators of these and similar crimes have scarcely been studied although, since July 2015 alone, Islamists have murdered a... Read More

Qatar ready to spend millions against Trump

BANGLADESH, Dec. 1 -- Following the disclosure of the fact about American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar being a paid agent of the Qatari regime, a highly placed source in the Middle East seeking anonymity ... Read More

Qatari bribery scheme in the US Congress should be investigated by FBI

BANGLADESH, Nov. 30 -- Explosive testimony given in a Federal Court accusing Representative Ilhan Omar of taking bribes from Qatar in exchange for leaking sensitive intelligence and influencing U.S. p... Read More

Lebanon protests fueled by "endemic corruption" of political class

BANGLADESH, Nov. 30 -- On November 20, Middle East Forum Radio interviewed Tony Badran, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, to discuss the ongoing mass protests in Lebanon.... Read More

Ilhan Omar a member of Muslim Brotherhood and paid agent of Qatar

BANGLADESH, Nov. 30 -- A prominent businessman, Alan Bender in his affidavit made an assortment of extraordinary allegations stating American congresswoman Ilhan Omar is a member of the Muslim Brother... Read More

How did the Bangladeshi jihadists get ISIS cap?

BANGLADESH, Nov. 30 -- Is there any existence of the Islamic State in Bangladesh? If this question is placed with the authorities, they will outright deny. All through they have been holding "neo-JMB"... Read More