Bangladesh pharmaceutical companies producing Covid19 drugs

BANGLADESH, April 7 -- Two local drug makers - Beacon and Beximco pharmaceuticals - have produced Favipiravir, an antiviral drug that is being used by some countries to treat the Covid-19 patients. T... Read More

Bangladesh company set to begin production of coronavirus detection kit

BANGLADESH, April 7 -- The coronavirus-detection kit developed by Gonoshasthaya Kendra has received government approval, Founder of the organization Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury told the Bangladeshi media o... Read More

Coronavirus conspiracy theories against Jews and Israel

BANGLADESH, April 7 -- A number of conspiracy theories have quickly emerged linking Jews and Israel to the coronavirus pandemic. These are new mutations of historical strains of antisemitic conspiracy... Read More

Muslim cleric wants to see millions of people die in India

BANGLADESH, April 7 -- Maulana Abbas Siddiqui said: "May Allah send such a terrible virus to India that ten to twenty to fifty crore people die in India. Am I saying something wrong? It is absolutely ... Read More

Was Charles Lieber really recruited by China for coronavirus research?

BANGLADESH, April 7 -- A video clip is creating buzz in the social media, claiming a professor of Harvard University has been arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for collaborating wi... Read More

Coronavirus is a grim reminder of what ails one, ails us all

BANGLADESH, April 6 -- Over a million positive cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) have been reported worldwide (1,018,150 cases as on 3rd April 2020) with 53,251 untimely deaths. Coronavirus dise... Read More

Mobile 5G towers attacked following rumor centering coronavirus spread

BANGLADESH, April 6 -- People in the United Kingdom have gone mad when they came to know that 5G causes coronavirus because it's sucking the oxygen out of your lungs. 5G phone masts are being set ali... Read More

Saudi Arabia weaponizing mobile technologies against its citizen in the US

BANGLADESH, April 6 -- While Saudi Arabia broadcasts everywhere its claims to be committed to Islamic reform, modernization, interfaith dialogue and the like, it still spreads Wahhabism worldwide, and... Read More

My city is filling up with morgues-in-tents and with refrigerated trucks

BANGLADESH, April 6 -- In a dizzying instant, we have traveled back in time to the Middle Ages. For now, and for who knows how long, we are living in small, fearful, and semi-contained villages. If we... Read More

Seoul's approach to Coronavirus

BANGLADESH, April 6 -- The South Korean government was forced by coronavirus (COVID-19), which began in China, to take immediate action to avoid losing control over what was rapidly becoming a pandemi... Read More