Hillary Clinton wants Trump's phone calls heard

Bangladesh, Jan. 20 -- Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Monday that President Donald Trump's phone records should be checked to see if he called Russian President Vladimir Putin during t... Read More

Biden's wage-increase will force hundreds of businesses into closure

Bangladesh, Jan. 20 -- Many employers and employees over the past several years have pointed to experience as the reason they oppose a $15 minimum wage, which forms the core of Joe Biden's proposed $1... Read More

Republicans see failure coming for Biden

Bangladesh, Jan. 20 -- A new poll found Republicans out there - somewhere - who believe that Joe Biden will be "very successful" in his effort to unify the country, as he promised during his campaign.... Read More

Hillary Clinton sees Russian hand behind Capitol riot

Bangladesh, Jan. 20 -- Two top Democrats who promoted the Russia-collusion claim against President Trump haven't given up, despite the conclusions of Robert Mueller's special counsel probe and other i... Read More

Chinese vaccine gets momentum

Bangladesh, Jan. 20 -- With Chinese-made vaccine shots reaching people in more countries, booming vaccine cooperation with China worldwide is injecting confidence into the global fight against the rav... Read More

Xi Jinping attending WEF Davos Agenda

Bangladesh, Jan. 20 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the Davos Agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Jan. 25 from Beijing via video link, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Tuesd... Read More

Saudi Arabia to generate 50% electricity from renewables

Bangladesh, Jan. 20 -- Saudi Arabia aims to generate 50 percent of its electricity by using renewable energy by 2030, while the remaining percentage will depend on gas, said Dr. Khalid Bin Saleh Al-Su... Read More

Bangladesh optimistic of Rohingya repatriation

Bangladesh, Jan. 20 -- Bangladesh became 'cautiously optimistic' to start much-demanded Rohingya repatriation from 2nd quarter of this year as Naypyidaw showed its flexibility to take back their natio... Read More

Qasem Soleimani, a serial killer, butcher and demon of Iran

Bangladesh, Jan. 19 -- Death of Qasem Soleimani was truly a matter of relief for the world as he was a bloodthirsty serial killer, a cruel butcher and real demon of the Iranian rogue regime. But notor... Read More

Problems concerning Jews, Israel and perception of the Holocaust

Bangladesh, Jan. 19 -- Reports of antisemitic incidents continue to rise in Germany. Problems concerning Jews, Israel, the perception of the Holocaust, and other related issues still plague the cultur... Read More