India comes under threats from jihadist groups and individuals

Bangladesh, May 18 -- Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is desperately looking for taking revenge on India for the 'crime' of stopping the members of notorious Tablighi Jamaat from implementing its... Read More

Sex education in the Russian society

Bangladesh, May 18 -- Schoolchildren are lectured about sex by literature teachers and priests, with mixed results. In an ordinary Moscow apartment, a guy and a girl sit on a sofa. Both are no more t... Read More

Gandhi's talisman is best guiding light to reform public health

Bangladesh, May 18 -- Mahatma Gandhi's talisman is perhaps the best guiding light to reform the public health system in the wake of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic: "I will give you a talisman... Read More

Donald Trump has deprived millions of healthcare

Bangladesh, May 18 -- Whereas in every advanced country health care is considered a human right, Trump has attempted numerous times to undermine or outright end Obama's Affordable Care Act (ACA), whic... Read More

A plague that caused fall of a mighty emperor

Bangladesh, May 18 -- Kyle Harper's The Fate of Rome contrives to be both an irresistibly good read-open at random and you will keep reading till supper-and a major contribution to the history of the ... Read More

Indian police files FIR against Opindia editors for exposing human sacrifice of Hindu boy in Bihar mosque

Bangladesh, May 18 -- A First Information Report (FIR) has been filed by the Bihar police against OpIndia editors Ajeet Bharati and Nupur Sharma over an article which exposed sacrifice of Hindu boy in... Read More

Indian police arrests 60 members of notorious Tablighi Jamaat

Bangladesh, May 18 -- The Police have arrested around 64 foreigners from Bhopal for violating the Foreigners Act and the law of the land. The accused have been identified as the members of Tablighi Ja... Read More

Muslim Brotherhood's secret plan to undermine Germany exposed

Bangladesh, May 18 -- An internal intelligence report from the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) in state of Bavaria has warned of the growing security threat posed by Muslim... Read More

Muslim migrant influx is the beginning of invasion of Europe

Bangladesh, May 17 -- For the last several weeks, when the entire world is busy in combating challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, hundreds and thousands of illegal migrants, mostly Muslims, a... Read More

Beijing's strategy of enhanced cooperation with Moscow

Bangladesh, May 17 -- The ongoing competition between Russia and the West is likely to continue unabated for years to come. Beijing will endeavor to widen that gulf by supporting Moscow in its efforts... Read More