Hamas selling Jordanian and Syrian girls into brothels

Bangladesh, May 24 -- In a hotel in Beirut, which is known for being one of the best places offering your Arab girls, catalogs of half-naked, high-heeled girls and women would be shown to the customer... Read More

Horror web film Shandhya Tara releasing on the Eid day

Bangladesh, May 23 -- Staff Reporter In the Bangladeshi entertainment circle, Shahid Un Nabi is a known name, both as a director and actor. By now, he has directed a number of single-episode dramas, ... Read More

American foreign policy at a historic crossroad

Bangladesh, May 23 -- The American turn toward Jacksonian isolationism could ultimately put it in the difficult position of having to exercise hard power to fill the very gap it created. As rogue elem... Read More

How Israel Defense Force is mobilizing to combat coronavirus

Bangladesh, May 23 -- The IDF has assigned a new role to an elite naval commando unit to apply its special skills and training to assist civilians in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The I... Read More

Flow of illegal migrants to Britain increasing fast

Bangladesh, May 23 -- Every day, over one hundred illegal migrants are entering Britain by crossing the English Channel. And members of the human trafficking network are telling the people, "if police... Read More

Lebanon sex industry in controlled by the underworld

Bangladesh, May 22 -- "How do I know most of the women working as prostitutes are controlled?" asked Paul, a volunteer for the Jesuits, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, before answering... Read More

Coronavirus pandemic emergency measures threatens civil rights

Bangladesh, May 22 -- Many governments have responded to the coronavirus pandemic by pushing aside civil rights. It is not yet clear whether this shift in national attitudes toward fundamental rights ... Read More

Israel's image in various television series on Ramadan TV

Bangladesh, May 22 -- Muslims around the world are in the middle of celebrating the month-long holiday of Ramadan. This year, several of the television series produced to be aired during the holy mont... Read More

Thai sex industry hit hard by coronavirus

Bangladesh, May 21 -- Over the years, Thailand has gained a reputation among travelers from many countries for its sex tourism. According to Empower Foundation, an organization advocating for the righ... Read More

Chinese scientists believe, new drug can stop pandemic without vaccine

Bangladesh, May 21 -- A Chinese laboratory has been developing a drug it believes has the power to bring the coronavirus pandemic to a halt. The outbreak first emerged in Wuhan city in China in Decemb... Read More