Western indulgence of Palestinian 'refugee' claims obstructs peace

Bangladesh, June 5 -- Adi Schwartz, an Israeli journalist and coauthor (with former Israeli Knesset member Einat Wilf) of the new book The War of Return, spoke to participants in a May 4 Middle East F... Read More

Twitter takes stand in favor of Iranian rogue regime

Bangladesh, June 5 -- Twitter, which has spent most of Donald Trump's presidency avoiding a public stand on his use of the medium, has slapped a "public interest notice" on his tweets about the riotin... Read More

Leaderless Islamist terrorism poses grave threat

Bangladesh, June 5 -- The structure of jihadi/takfiri Islamic terrorism has begun to take a significant turn. Terrorist Muslim groups are becoming leaderless. This new form borrows from the anarchist ... Read More

The danger of returning Muslim foreign fighters in Europe

Bangladesh, June 5 -- Europe is awaiting unusual and unpredictable jihadist threats that are not only linked to specific organizations, but are also based on local jihad activity originating from with... Read More

Islamists play politics with coronavirus pandemic

Bangladesh, June 5 -- In pursuit of their agenda, enterprising politicians and partisan fanatics know better than to "let a perfectly good crisis to go to waste." What better opportunity exists than a... Read More

Government's accountability during the coronavirus

Bangladesh, June 5 -- Social distancing measures have had a great impact on the conduct of parliaments and politicians, who now give speeches to empty rooms and without challenge by journalists. The n... Read More

The twin shocks of the virus and the rioting are not like the single punch of 9/11 but are deep and pervasive

Bangladesh, June 5 -- New York City is the largest urban area in the US. It has the biggest economy and is the nation's financial and cultural center. It also contains the largest single Jewish popula... Read More

International terror don Dawood Ibrahim expanding networks in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu

Bangladesh, June 5 -- Until 1997, notorious terror don Dawood Ibrahim's total stake in the international narcotics trade was around quarter billion dollars, which has increased many folds during the p... Read More

Ahlam enjoys perverse popularity as an Arab 'Oprah'

Bangladesh, June 5 -- Ahlam Tamimi, a Hamas terrorist currently living in Jordan whom we discussed in the first three sections of this study, has been dubbed the "most wanted woman in the world" due t... Read More

Jihadist mule giving instigation and funding to anarchists in the US

Bangladesh, June 4 -- Sitting in Houston, Texas, a long-time agent of Pakistani spy agency Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) has been giving instigation and funding to the ongoing anarchism and arsonis... Read More