The prodigious little girl and her timely invention

India, Sept. 13 -- Neha Shukla, a 15-year-old girl from Pennsylvania, felt helpless watching the horror of the pandemic unfold and invented a sensory device that beeps or vibrates when social distance... Read More

Parveen Babi: A retrospective glimpse into the stargirl's life

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Unreasonable hope misplaced in India-Russia ties

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Two reasons why Trump has a deferential relationship with Putin

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Why Donald Trump matters for Indian-Americans

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Making secondary school and higher education more autonomous

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Unreality bites: The Chinese spin on the LAC standoff

India, Sept. 13 -- The talk in China is, since the Indian government has failed to contain Covid-19 and since the economy is facing problems, therefore, the government, in order to divert the attentio... Read More

India, China make modest progress

India, Sept. 13 -- Yet the road to de-escalation is an arduous and hazardous one. Even the critics of the Narendra Modi government's China policy will concede that External Affairs Minister S. Jaisha... Read More

Hopefully all will be well as there will be no 'well' in this session

India, Sept. 13 -- Written Answers to MPs will provide scope for future discussion; the heat of Question Hour shall be missed. There is brouhaha over the decision to suspend the Question Hour in th... Read More

War clouds demand maturity

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