In Belgium: Antwerp's Indian heart glitters like a diamond

India, Jan. 11 -- The following has been excerpted from Shantanu Guha Ray's book, The Diamond Trail: How India Rose to Global Domination on the international diamond trade, which India dominates. If... Read More

The Hindus of Pakistan: Nobody's children

India, Jan. 11 -- Their lives from birth to death is an ordeal of indignity, humiliation, insecurity bereft of basic human rights. PROLOGUE The frightened father with his wife and three scraggly to... Read More

UK's criminal justice system to undergo a Royal revamp

India, Jan. 11 -- London: With Parliament set to resume on 6 January, it seems that criminal justice will a close runner up to Brexit in Bills debated. The Queen's speech in December committed the Gov... Read More

Krishna Menon was not a team man

India, Jan. 11 -- He was endowed with a razor sharp mind, which he used and misused. He had a poor judgement. If you wish to write a worthwhile biography, read Jairam Ramesh's biography of V.K. Kris... Read More

God is our cosmic host

India, Jan. 11 -- Our Creator God is the cosmic host. The Bible begins with God as the subject of creation who in love creates space for humans and the world to exist as a dependent reality upon Him. ... Read More

Vedanta, science of life management

India, Jan. 11 -- We have total belief in the word "Science". So, the moment we hear "scientifically proven" we believe it as the Oracle of the Delphi! Any new idea or concept is not acceptable by fan... Read More

Too many Robin Hoods and Gabbar Singhs

India, Jan. 11 -- PM Modi-who has the power and the stature to weed these folks out of the system, and indeed to end the deep pink state-must not allow himself to be smitten by the meretricious charms... Read More

First week of 2020 witnesses a push towards Brexit

India, Jan. 11 -- London: The Withdrawal Agreement (WA) passed through its final reading in the House of Commons, all the new clauses and amendments proposed were voted down by a majority of +or just-... Read More

Taiwan President takes early lead in election monitored by China

India, Jan. 11 -- TAIPEI/KAOHSIUNG: Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen took an early lead on Saturday in vote counting for a presidential election that will be closely watched by Beijing, which claims the ... Read More

JK paper stock up for steady returns

India, Jan. 11 -- The world paper industry is currently facing structural changes due to the digitalisation of businesses, globalisation of industries and redistribution of wealth across the globe. A ... Read More