Sahitya ka Mahakumbh, JLF calling

India, Jan. 25 -- In JLF we have India as a world leader, even world beater. It is one of the great success stories of our soft power. We must acknowledge and celebrate this. Jaipur: I am here again... Read More

Time to choose sides in Indo-Pacific Cold War

India, Jan. 25 -- It's imperative for India to choose either US or Chinese side in matters military. The Atlantic Alliance became the cornerstone of US foreign policy since 1945, with the consequenc... Read More

CAA to stay, funds to sustain Shaheen Baghs will get scarce

India, Jan. 25 -- Like Nasbandi in Emergency, opinion polling made arduous by false propaganda. Nasbandi scare spread like the proverbial wildfire among Muslims during Indira Gandhi's Emergency, tur... Read More

Don't lose the battle of optics

India, Jan. 25 -- The outcry against almost every step that the Narendra Modi government takes, started right from the time he was elected as Prime Minister in May 2014. This has reached cacophonic pr... Read More

Striving to communalise Delhi polls

India, Jan. 25 -- There is speculation about polarisation between Hindus and Muslims on the eve of the crucial election. A comment made by Kapil Mishra, the BJP nominee from Model Town, who was form... Read More

Welcome Jeff Bezos and his investment

India, Jan. 25 -- After his remark on Amazon chief Jeff Bezos was widely reported, Commerce & Industry Minister Piyush Goyal came up with his defence: "My statement should be seen in context. Investme... Read More

Shaheen Bagh protesters seek a face-saving exit

India, Jan. 25 -- What has made the protesters restless is the Central government's refusal to give in to pressure and promise the roll-back of CAA. NEW DELHI: A section of protesters at Delhi's Shah... Read More

Touts make money as illegal migrants return to Bangladesh

India, Jan. 25 -- NEW DELHI: Touts operating in the border areas of West Bengal, who earlier facilitated the entry of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants into India after charging hefty sums from them, are... Read More

India, Indonesia negotiating economic cooperation agreement

India, Jan. 25 -- NEW DELHI: India and Indonesia are set to launch negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (CECA) to cover economic cooperation while trading in goods, services... Read More

Cool Breeze: CWC elections anyone?

India, Jan. 25 -- CWC elections anyone? Congress leaders are more or less resigned to the fact that Rahul Gandhi will once again take over as party president at an appropriate date, which will be dec... Read More