BRTC shares to be offloaded

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- The 'Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation Bill, 2020' was introduced in parliament on Monday to offload 49 per cent of its shares in the capital market. Road Transport and Bri... Read More

China strictly monitors coronavirus situation

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- With the advent of coronavirus in China and other adjacent countries, the Chinese authorities on Monday issued a communique saying it monitors the situation actively. Since the... Read More

Dhaka, Seoul finalise three PPP projects

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- The 2nd Bangladesh-Korea joint platform has finalised three public-private partnership projects in the rail, road and power sectors to be implemented under government-to-governm... Read More

Growing NPLs to push up business cost: DCCI

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- Stressing the need for reducing the volume of non-performing loans (NPLs) in the banking sector, a leading trade body fears that soaring defaulted loans would increase the cost ... Read More

City printers see heyday

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- The printers in the capital are making a brisk business in the recent days following increased demand for printed materials, like - posters and leaflets, to be used for election... Read More

Compensation for death or injury in air accident to be raised by 5 times

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- The Cabinet approved on Monday the draft of "The Air Transport (The Montreal Convention, 1999) Bill, 2020" raising compensation to Tk 1,17, 62, 334 from Tk 20, 37, 600 for one's... Read More

E-passport launch tomorrow

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- The government is finally set to launch e-passports tomorrow (Wednesday), through issuing the first passport to the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Earlier the Department of Immi... Read More

Farm credit disbursement goes up

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- Farm credit disbursement grew by more than 5.0 per cent in the first-half (H1) of the current fiscal year (FY), 2019-20, as demand for such loan has been picked up due to season... Read More

Hydraulic horns

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- Noise level, in every divisional city in the country, has surpassed permissible limits. Hydraulic horn, which is dangerous for city dwellers, is used rampantly. It is often noti... Read More

Accommodation crisis at BAU

Bangladesh, Jan. 21 -- Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) is one of the leading public universities, which has long been producing agriculture scientists and agriculturists for ensuring national... Read More