BTRC reshuffles mobile data plans

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) reshuffled the existing mobile data plans to ensure customers' benefits from the packages. The regulator said the thre... Read More

Singapore wants to build Ctg Bay Terminal

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Singapore has shown interest to build the Chittagong Port Bay Terminal. The country wants to operate the terminal for next 30 years after building it. Chittagong Port Authority (CP... Read More

Sugar, potato prices remain steep

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Prices of onions, eggs and edible oils started declining, but sugar and potato prices remained stuck to their previous highs defying the government-fixed rate by a large margin. Th... Read More

Dashboard monitoring field-level land services

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Different land-related services at field level are being closely monitored by a dashboard, Land Minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury said on Sunday. "Strict measures will be taken agains... Read More

EU export potential aplenty, but roadblocks get in the way

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Hurdles in accessing duty-free raw materials, a high tariff structure for domestic import-competing sectors, low quality and a lack of standards in the domestic market, among other ... Read More

Death of pilot: Writ petition seeks HC order to probe against Gulf Air

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- A writ petition was filed with the High Court on Monday seeking its order on the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) to probe the role of Gulf Air authorities in connectio... Read More

Reasons behind 50 years of manned lunar mission hiatus

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- In the history of humanity, the moon landing remains an unrivalled success. The Apollo 17 mission by NASA left the last human footprint on the lunar surface in December 1972. Astron... Read More

Trial run on Chattogram-Cox's Bazar rail track in mid-October

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- The Bangladesh Railway (BR) plans to conduct the first trial run of a train on the newly-constructed Dohazari-Cox's Bazar track in mid-October, with the target of officially opening... Read More

Judicial Service Association protests European Parliament's condemnation proposal

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Bangladesh Judicial Service Association (BJSA), a platform of the lower court judges, has protested the condemnation of the Judiciary of Bangladesh by the European Parliament regard... Read More

38.9pc of adolescent girls hesitate to share gender-based violence: Study

Dhaka, Sept. 18 -- Nearly 38.9 per cent of adolescent girls feel reluctant to share incidents of gender-based violence, underscoring the need for a safe environment disclosure, a study reveals. Some ... Read More