Magura mango growers smile even amid pandemic

Dhaka, July 11 -- Coronavirus pandemic has not faded away smile of mango growers in Magura. This year a bumper production of mango has been achieved in the district. Price of mango is high in the mar... Read More

Call to make sure Myanmar pays reparations to Rohingya-hit nations

Dhaka, July 11 -- The lockdowns and economic slowdown, caused by the coronavirus in different countries, have robbed Rohingyas of their livelihood opportunities and pushed them into an abyss of hunger... Read More

Online cattle buying likely to reach new heights amid pandemic

Dhaka, July 11 -- The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has brought about many changes to people's normal lives with a growing dependence on virtual platforms as physical distancing is advised by health exper... Read More

Thrust on extending services to women migrant workers

Dhaka, July 11 -- Speakers at a webinar on Friday stressed the need for extending services to women migrant workers by embassies to ensure their protection. They also demanded ensuring access to just... Read More

Saving jobs in apparel sector

Dhaka, July 11 -- It is difficult to say as to what extent the International Labour Organisation (ILO) is able to influence the decision of the global apparel buyers. Yet the request made by the Bangl... Read More

Commonwealth trade in the backdrop of covid-19

Dhaka, July 11 -- In addition to the several reasons for the global trade slowdown discussed earlier (First-part of the article published in the FE on July 10, 2020), one major structural factor assoc... Read More

Global economic forecast: Grimmer outlook

Dhaka, July 11 -- Economic uncertainties continue to constrain global economic growth. Late last month, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) further downgraded the global economic growth projection -... Read More

"Focus on external sources, not banks, to ease budget deficit"

Dhaka, July 11 -- More focus needs to be given on sourcing funds from external sources, reducing dependency on bank borrowing, to mitigate the budget deficit, according to the experts and stakeholders... Read More

The volatility of selling a school

Dhaka, July 11 -- Notices or adverts on the sale of business entities, plots or buildings are a common view in the country. But the notice for the sale of a whole school, including its furniture, is a... Read More

API park to boost export of medicines

Dhaka, July 11 -- The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) industrial park is finally taking shape in Bangladesh more than a decade after the scheme was taken up by the government to facilitate a s... Read More