Rajapaksa's Redux: Jingoism 1, Justice 0

INDIA, March 29 -- Following his decision to pardon and release former army officer Sunil Ratnayake, Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has reopened new wounds stemming from his country's devasta... Read More

Why Modi broke ranks from his nationalist 'friends' abroad

INDIA, March 29 -- Three nationalist, nativist leaders, three "good friends" bound by ideology and mutual admiration, and of a similar political disposition, and yet one of them, Prime Minister Narend... Read More

'What corona? My children are hungry'

INDIA, March 29 -- Despite Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for a nationwide lockdown in a battle against deadly coronavirus, a sea of migrant workers reached Anand Vihar Interstate Bus Term... Read More

Digital India faces its biggest challenge amid lockdown

New Delhi/Mumbai/Bengaluru, March 29 -- When Digital India took birth, little did we know that in an unprecedented situation like a total lockdown, the apps and services that helped us sail through th... Read More

Rail coaches being converted into isolation wards

Guwahati, March 29 -- In a unique endeavour, Indian Railways has begun work to convert train coaches into isolation wards to deal with rush of COVID-19 patients. "Out of the 17 railway zones in India... Read More

Sri Lanka reports first COVID-19 death

Colombo, March 29 -- Sri Lanka's Health Ministry said that a 60-year-old man who tested positive for the novel coronavirus has died while being under critical care at the National Infectious Disease H... Read More

Pakistan's western, eastern borders to be shut

Islamabad, March 29 -- Pakistan has decided to keep its western borders with Iran and Afghanistan as well as its eastern border with India closed for two more weeks due to the cornavirus pandemic. Spe... Read More

Government imposes travel restrictions

Thimphu, March 29 -- With restrictions imposed on travels, the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) is exploring a middle-path approach to encourage physical distancing in public transportation ... Read More

Kabul imposes strict quarantine restrictions

Kabul, March 29 -- Officials are imposing strict quarantine restrictions in capital Kabul city as they try to control the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country. All shops except shops selling ne... Read More

UN concerned over release of convicted Sri Lankan soldier

INDIA, March 28 -- The UN has expressed concerns over the release of a convicted Sri Lankan soldier, who was sentenced in 2015 for the murder of eight civilians after more than a decade long trial, a ... Read More