Sri Lanka terror attack affront to universal freedoms: US

WASHINGTON, April 22 -- The United States denounced the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka as an affront to universal values and confirmed that many of its citizens were among the victims. Washington "cond... Read More

Afghan Information Ministry under attack in Kabul

KABUL, April 22 -- An explosion and gunfire was heard in the Afghan capital on Saturday as the Ministry of Information headquarter came under attack by gunmen. The explosion happened at around 11.30 a... Read More

Terror attacks ravage Sri Lanka; 207 killed, including 4 Indians

COLOMBO, April 22 -- At least 207 people were killed and 469 injured when eight suicide bombings, mainly in Colombo, ravaged Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday in the island's bloodiest day since the civil wa... Read More

US holds naval exercise with Sri Lanka at China-managed port

COLOMBO/WASHINGTON, April 22 -- Sri Lanka is conducting a naval exercise with the United States at Hambanatota in a show of Colombo's firm control over its China-managed port. The weeklong exercise k... Read More

UN chief 'outraged' by Easter bombings in Sri Lanka

Dujarric said, April 22 -- UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has expressed outrage over the Easter bombings of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka and called for "swift justice" to the perpetrators. ... Read More

US ends waivers for India to buy Iranian oil

New Delhi, April 22 -- In a blow to India's energy security and efforts to diversify its oil imports, the United States announced on Monday it is ending the waiver given to India to buy Iranian oil an... Read More

Indian Coast Guard on high alert after Lanka bombings

NEW DELHI, April 22 -- In the aftermath of the deadly serial bombings which ravaged Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, the Indian Coast Guard has been placed on high alert along the Indian maritime border to... Read More

5 Indians among 290 dead in Sri Lanka bombings

COLOMBO, April 22 -- Five Indians are among the 290 people who were confirmed dead in the deadly Easter Sunday suicide bombings in Sri Lanka. Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera on Monday confirmed tha... Read More

Death toll in Sri Lanka bombings climbs to 290

COLOMBO, April 22 -- A spokesman for the Sri Lanka police said on Monday that 290 people have been confirmed dead in the series of bombings that targeted churches and high-end hotels on Easter Sunday.... Read More

Indian, US navies hold joint anti-submarine warfare exercise

WASHINGTON, April 21 -- Indian and United States navies have held a joint submarine-hunting exercise in the Indian Ocean aiming to lay the groundwork for coordinating maritime patrol and reconnaissanc... Read More