Senegal shuts down internet and bans election delay protest

France, Feb. 13 -- Senegalese authorities told mobile operators to suspend internet access on Tuesday and banned a silent march by activists against the postponement of this month's presidential poll.... Read More

French cyber experts reveal vast network of Russian disinformation sites

France, Feb. 13 -- French military and cybersecurity experts have uncovered an extensive network of Moscow-based fake news sites spreading Russian propaganda and disinformation across Western Europe. ... Read More

Fighting escalates in eastern DRC as evidence of Rwanda's support to rebels emerges

France, Feb. 13 -- In the eastern province of North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), fighting between the M23 rebels and the Congolese army, supported by other militias, is getting wors... Read More

PM Modi's Hindu nationalists set for a hat trick victory in national elections

France, Feb. 13 -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist party will win a commanding majority in Indian elections this summer and form its third government in a row, according to the result... Read More

COP hosts UAE, Azerbaijan, Brazil announce 'troika' to raise climate ambitions

France, Feb. 13 -- The United Arab Emirates, host of last year's COP28 climate summit, and Azerbaijan and Brazil, the hosts of the next two UN climate summits, say they will team up to push for more a... Read More

Leading French farmers' union warns motorway blockades could resume

France, Feb. 13 -- The head of France's biggest farming union - the FNSEA - says farmers could resume protests that hit the sector last month if the government does not meet their demands for better p... Read More

Beekeepers in Cote d'Ivoire help reduce dependence on glyphosate pesticide

France, Feb. 12 -- While Europe wrangles over banning the use of glyphosate - the active ingredient in the Roundup weedkiller accused of damaging human health and biodiversity - farmers on the African... Read More

One in five migratory species faces extinction, UN report warns

France, Feb. 12 -- The world's migratory species are under threat across the planet with their global risk of extinction increasing, a landmark UN report released Monday has warned. Until now there h... Read More

EU's Borrell dismisses Trump's 'silly idea' that encourages Russian attacks on NATO

France, Feb. 12 -- White House hopeful Donald Trump's remark on Saturday that he would "encourage" Russia to attack members of NATO who had not met their financial obligations has drawn a fierce react... Read More

2023 Africa Cup of Nations: 5 things we learned on Day 30 - Endgame

France, Feb. 12 -- Endgame? Sounds like a James Bond film where our moody hero dispatches baddies as he seeks meaning to the nihilism that adorns his state-sponsored psychopathy. On the subject of inv... Read More