Senegal's PM Sonko questions future of French military presence in Dakar

France, May 17 -- The newly elected Sonko, who gained power when his hand-picked presidential candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye won a decisive victory in March, is known for criticising perceived overre... Read More

French court confiscates Bordeaux wine chateaux from Chinese magnate

France, May 17 -- The sentenced 63-year-old Naijie Qu is a wealthy businessman, Bordeaux wine enthusiasist and head of Haichang Group, a trading and shipping conglomerate with interests in property, t... Read More

Residents of crisis-hit Mayotte warned to avoid 'defective' bottled water

France, May 16 -- Health authorities said water bottles from the Cristaline Elena brand with the M1 03/11/25 batch number "smelled of hydrocarbons" and were not safe for consumption. The number of b... Read More

Senegal's Sonko welcomes hard-left Melenchon in symbolic visit to Dakar

France, May 16 -- Melenchon's visit to Senegal is largely seen as symbolic, coming six weeks after Bassirou Diomaye Faye won the presidency. Both Sonko and Faye had been imprisoned by under former Se... Read More

France declares state of emergency in New Caledonia after deadly riots

France, May 15 -- Hundreds of people have been injured in the worst unrest the Pacific island has seen since the 1980s, with schools and shops shuttered as police reinforcements were sent in. French ... Read More

Striking Paris garbage collectors demand Olympic bonus

France, May 15 -- Rubbish is once again piling up on the streets of Paris after garbage collectors started a three-day strike Tuesday. They're planning another three days next week. Demands are a 1,9... Read More

Film director Mohammad Rasoulof leaves Iran for Europe ahead of Cannes premiere

France, May 15 -- Rasoulof said he left Iran without official permission after being sentenced to eight years in prison and flogging for national security crimes. "I had to choose between prison and ... Read More

Macron joins global leaders in condemning gun attack on Slovakian prime minister

France, May 15 -- Fico, 59, was shot several times as he mingled with a small group of people during a visit to Handlova nearly 200 km to the north-east of the capital Bratislava. He was transported ... Read More

Postcard from Cannes #1: Fiction is reality and reality is fiction

France, May 15 -- Drops of rain fell as guests, stars and jury members posed on the red carpet in front of the Palais des Festivals for the opening night. But it wasn't enough to dampen the spirits o... Read More

French police hunt killers behind prison van ambush

France, May 15 -- The killings and dramatic getaway by the perpetrators have shocked France, with authorities under pressure to catch those responsible, who all remain at large. "We have put a lot of... Read More