Final stretch to Paris Paralympics as 100-day countdown begins

France, May 20 -- Just like the Olympic Games, the Opening Ceremony for the Paralympic Games on 28 August will be held in central Paris. More than 4,000 athletes from 184 countries will soak up the a... Read More

Postcard from Cannes #4: the curveball of cinema

France, May 20 -- The official selection is definitely full of surprises this year, with first-time directors rubbing shoulders with a host of experienced veterans. In the running for the coveted Pal... Read More

Key dates in New Caledonia's history

France, May 20 -- 1853 - France annexes New Caledonia on behalf of Napoleon III. 1864 - Mining industry develops following discovery of nickel deposits. 1864-97 - France uses New Caledonia as a pe... Read More

South Africa's top court rules Zuma ineligible to run in general election

France, May 20 -- Zuma, who was forced to quit as president in 2018, has fallen out with the governing African National Congress (ANC) and has been campaigning for a new party called uMkhonto we Sizwe... Read More

Why Europe is banking on Africa for its big-ticket investments

France, May 19 -- Africa remains a priority in terms of what we can achieve outside of Europe. Last year the EIB invested more money in Africa than anywhere else - about 4 billion euros. This accounts... Read More

Postcard from Cannes #3: Breaking the silence

France, May 19 -- On Becoming a Guinea Fowl by director Rungano Nyoni tackles patriarchal traditions in her native Zambia and gives a voice back to those who have been silenced. "I'm denouncing tradi... Read More

Have the French fallen out of love with Europe?

France, May 18 -- The European project has been fuelled by French men. Jean Monnet and Robert Schumann helped lay the foundations for what would become the EU, Jacques Delors founded the single curren... Read More

Why extinguishing Africa's dirty cooking fuel crisis is a global priority

Africa, May 18 -- Four in five Africans - mostly women and girls - cook their food over open fires and primitive stoves that are powered by polluting fuels such as wood, charcoal, kerosene and animal ... Read More

Senegal's PM Sonko questions future of French military presence in Dakar

France, May 17 -- The newly elected Sonko, who gained power when his hand-picked presidential candidate Bassirou Diomaye Faye won a decisive victory in March, is known for criticising perceived overre... Read More

French court confiscates Bordeaux wine chateaux from Chinese magnate

France, May 17 -- The sentenced 63-year-old Naijie Qu is a wealthy businessman, Bordeaux wine enthusiasist and head of Haichang Group, a trading and shipping conglomerate with interests in property, t... Read More