Far-right candidate exits French elections after Nazi cap controversy

France, July 2 -- A far-right candidate on Tuesday dropped out of the race for France's parliament over a social media post showing her in a Nazi cap, a party official told French media. France's ant... Read More

Dutch now have former secret service chief as prime minister

France, July 2 -- Former spy chief Dick Schoof was voted in as Dutch prime minister on Tuesday, heading a right-wing coalition cabinet with a mandate to implement the country's "strictest-ever" immigr... Read More

New Caledonian activist jailed in France claims to be a 'political prisoner'

France, July 2 -- An indigenous Kanak pro-independence activist from the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia said Monday that he considered himself a "political prisoner" as authorities held him... Read More

Hungary assumes EU presidency amid controversies and corruption concerns

France, July 1 -- As of today, 1 July, Hungary has taken over the EU's rotating presidency. However, diplomats are concerned because nationalist leader Viktor Orban, who has been in power since 2010, ... Read More

Nigerian designer Femi Ajose brings original Lagos looks to Paris

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The three-way factor that makes France's election results so unusual

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Horse-trading begins after France's far right wins first round of snap elections

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What happens now that far right leads in France's parliamentary elections?

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Macron urges democratic alliance against far-right following National Rally's election success

France, July 1 -- French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday called for a "broad" democratic alliance against the far-right after the National Rally party won the first round of parliamentary election... Read More

�� Live: French legislative elections first round

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