Government is Working on Creating an Indian OS

India, Jan. 16 -- Government of India is working on making an indigenous mobile operating system, which is tentatively going to be titled as 'IndOS'. This is a joint effort by the Indian government, s... Read More

Moto Edge 40 Pro Price, Storage Options Leaks Ahead of Global Launch

India, Jan. 16 -- Motorola may soon introduce the Moto X40 in international countries, including India, after releasing it in China late last year under the name Motorola Edge 40 Pro. The Motorola Edg... Read More

Meta Invests in Optics Gary Sharp Innovations for Better Outcome: Metaverse

India, Jan. 16 -- Meta is still investing in Metaverse ambitions and has just bought optics firm Gary Sharp Innovations. The company has seen losses in the billions of dollars in the past, but now wil... Read More

GPU Scalpers in Dire Straits

India, Jan. 16 -- Gamers around the globe felt the impact of the chip shortage during the past few years, and most of the blame falls on scalpers. The M.O. of scalpers is to buy out as many GPUs as th... Read More

Epic Games Fined by FTC for COPPA Violations

India, Jan. 16 -- Epic Games will have to cough up $520 Million in fines in a settlement with the FTC due to violations of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and allegations that the... Read More

The Core i9-13900 KS: The World's First CPU by Intel with a Maximum Frequency of 6.0GHz

India, Jan. 16 -- The Intel Core i9-13900 KS is the world's first CPU with a maximum turbo frequency of 6.0GHz. This CPU, part of the 13th Generation Intel Core processor family, has an all-core turbo... Read More

JioGames Partners with Ubitus: The 'Future of Gaming' is About to Change in India

India, Jan. 16 -- JioGames, India's most prominent gaming provider , has partnered with Ubitus K.K. to launch its cloud gaming service . JioGamesCloud , I ndia's cloud gaming platform , would make con... Read More

The OPPO A78 5G Smartphone: Is the Smartphone Launching Today?

India, Jan. 16 -- OPPO will debut its new A78 5G smartphone in India. In a tweet, the business announced the official release date as 16 January , citing improved connectivity and lightning-fast perfo... Read More

Samsung Trying to use MicroLED Technology for its Smartwatches

India, Jan. 16 -- MicroLED technology for smartwatches has begun to be introduced by Samsung. Until recently, Samsung's MicroLED technology was largely restricted to its premium TVs, but indications s... Read More

Apple May Provide Touchscreen MacBook Soon

India, Jan. 13 -- Apple is developing touch panels for its Mac computers, breaking with long-standing business tradition and adopting a design philosophy that co-founder Steve Jobs once dubbed "ergono... Read More