2019's Top 10 Esports earners come from only 2 games

India, Dec. 30 -- 2019 has been quite an eventful year for esports, in India and throughout the world. Especially when it comes to the number of tournaments and prize pools. This year we had two $30 m... Read More

FINGERS launches its latest 'Beaute' Wireless Headset

India, Dec. 30 -- FINGERS has launched the 'Beaute' Wireless Headset. In line with its philosophy of driving innovation, FINGERS has conceptualized the Beaute to be the perfect companion for those loo... Read More

Dota 2's most decorated player, N0tail, gets banned from Twitch

India, Dec. 27 -- Johan N0tail Sundstein is perhaps the most decorated Dota 2 player in the history of the game, and one of the richest esports player in the world. In the past, his team OG has won al... Read More

VingaJoy Launches Sound Zilla GBT-40 Wireless Speaker in India

India, Dec. 27 -- VingaJoy has launched a new compact smart speaker, dubbed as VingaJoy Sound Zilla in India. The VingaJoy Sound Zilla is a 12-inch portable speaker. About the Product: The powerful ... Read More

The US Navy will spend its advertising budget on esports

India, Dec. 26 -- Esports is becoming too big to ignore. With luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, traditional teams like PSG and celebrities like Drake investing in or owning a part of esports teams, th... Read More

Top 5 Cricket Games in 2019

India, Dec. 26 -- Cricket is a game that is revered in India. It has a religious fan following and the players are seen as Gods by many. When the first cricket games came out, they sold like hotcakes.... Read More

Nvidia claims their 2080 Max-Q Laptops will be faster than PS5 and Xbox Series X

India, Dec. 26 -- The console war is nothing new. Microsoft and PlayStation have been trying to upstage each other every generation. Even though there have been heated debates between console players ... Read More

Witcher 3 becomes top selling game on Steam

India, Dec. 25 -- The Netflix adaptation of The Witcher met with quite polarising reviews, but everyone agrees on one thing: Henry Cavill was absolutely perfect. There could not have been a better por... Read More

Astrum launches KW280, a Slim Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

India, Dec. 24 -- Astrum launches a slim wireless keyboard with touchpad - KW280. This keyboard is the perfect mishmash of comfort and good looks, just type, click and scroll to watch videos and to br... Read More

LG Launches Its Dual Screen Smartphone- LG G8XThinQ

India, Dec. 24 -- LG Electronics unveiled the LG G8XThinQ , its newest G series smartphone, and a more advanced LG Dual Screen in India. The LG LG G8XThinQ Dual Screen smartphone is designed to help u... Read More