NCW has no concern for women: Sona on closure of Anu's sexual harassment case

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- Sona Mohapatra has reacted to the closure of sexual harassment case against Anu Malik by National Commission for Women, citing "lack of communication and substantial evidence from th... Read More

Human foetal lungs harbour a microbiome signature, find researchers

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- In a first time finding, researchers discover that the lungs and placentas of foetuses in the womb as young as 11 weeks after conception already show a bacterial microbiome signature... Read More

Corona virus: Health ministry issues advisory for those visiting China

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- The Union Health Ministry has issued a travel advisory to travelers visiting China in view of outbreak of Novel Corona virus in that country.The Health Ministry said that an infectio... Read More

Superbug alert: WHO alarmed over lack of antibiotics to tackle drug-resistant bacteria

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- The UN health agency published two new reports revealing that there are few new effective antibiotics in the pipeline, meaning that the world is running out of options for fighting s... Read More

Scientists develop AI tool that can detect changes in patients' mental health

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- The researchers hope that the new AI tool will help them better understand how people with mental illnesses are doing and transform mental health care. Researchers, including one of ... Read More

Researchers discover new cancer-driving mutations in under-explored regions of human DNA

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- The researchers say they have found evidence of new molecular mechanisms that may cause cancer and give rise to more-aggressive tumours. Researchers have discovered new regions of no... Read More

Post-catch processing generates twice the greenhouse gas emissions produced by fishing itself

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- The food system is a significant source of global greenhouse gas emissions, and Alaskan pollock is one of the biggest fisheries in the world, a new study revealed. Researchers have f... Read More

Pollution, Early Life Stress May Be A 'Double Hit' On Children's Mental Health: Study

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- High exposure to early life stress at home, coupled with elevated prenatal exposure to air pollution may put children at a higher risk of attention and thought problems. High exposur... Read More

Is Soybean Oil Not Good For Brain? Find What A New Study Says

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- The study, published in the journal Endocrinology, compared mice which were fed three different diets high in fat: soybean oil, soybean oil modified to be low in linoleic acid, and c... Read More

Only time they aren't together is when they're asleep: Finch on Smith, Labuschagne

INDIA, Jan. 18 -- During the presentation ceremony after second India-Australia ODI, commentator Harsha Bhogle jokingly asked Australia captain Aaron Finch, "Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne are lon... Read More