Pakistan announces major reshuffle after Umar quits as finance minister

ISLAMABAD, April 19 -- A major reshuffle has taken place in Pakistan's federal cabinet, with the portfolios of several ministers having been changed, according to the Prime Minister's Office. The dra... Read More

14 people, including 9 navy personnel, gunned down in Pak

ISLAMABAD, April 19 -- Baloch separatist militants gunned down 14 people, including nine Pakistan Navy personnel, after pulling them out of buses in the restive southwestern Balochistan province on Th... Read More

Mueller report sheds light on probe over obstruction

NEW DELHI, April 19 -- US special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation had looked at 10 actions by President Donald Trump for potential obstruction of justice regarding the investigation into Russia... Read More

States order surveys after rain ruins crops

NEW DELHI, April 19 -- Rain and hailstorms have flattened ready-to-harvest fields of wheat, among other crops, in key states, prompting the Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan governments to order su... Read More

Production glut behind farm distress?

NEW DELHI, April 19 -- In an article published in The Indian Express on 18 April, Harish Damodaran has argued that "production glut, not dearth of cold storage and processing infrastructure, is the re... Read More

We must question Modi on his election promises

MUMBAI, April 19 -- Five years after Narendra Modi swept to power in a landslide election victory, and as he again faces the voters, we should ask: has he delivered on his campaign promises of Acche D... Read More

Narendra Modi deserves a second term based on his economic record

MUMBAI, April 19 -- Of all the governance breakthroughs achieved by the Narendra Modi government, its record in improving welfare delivery has been discussed widely. Under the NDA government's direct ... Read More

The curse of Artificial Intelligence

MUMBAI, April 19 -- The artificial intelligence company, OpenAI, recently demonstrated a neural network that created news articles so convincing and so capable of emulating human journalists that the ... Read More

Jet is a case of throwing good money after bad

MUMBAI, April 19 -- Awave of nostalgia greeted the news of Jet Airways' grounding after banks (which now own it) preferred to wait for its sale instead of pumping in more money. In truth, the airline... Read More

Setting the wrong precedent

MUMBAI, April 19 -- The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has set an unhealthy precedent in inducting Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur into the party and making her its candidate in Bhopal . Ms Thakur is the mai... Read More