Night curfew, weekend lockdown in Maharashtra

New Delhi, April 5 -- As COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Maharashtra, the government has imposed a night curfew and a weekend lockdown. a night curfew would be in place across the state from 8... Read More

All air travellers in Assam from Mumbai and Bengaluru to produce report of COVID test

New Delhi, April 5 -- As a precautionary measure to check the rise of COVID-19 cases, the Assam government has made it mandatory that air passengers, coming from Mumbai and Bengaluru to Assam, will ha... Read More

Planning a foreign trip: Three Budget Destinations

New Delhi, April 5 -- If you are planning a foreign trip but your pocket is not allowing you then there is nothing to be disappointed about. There are many destinations which have many beautiful place... Read More

International Political Scenario for Philippines 2 - 9 April 2021

New Delhi, April 5 -- The Philippines government has said that more than 250 Chinese vessels which it believes are operated by militia, have been spotted near six Manila-claimed islands and reefs in t... Read More

International Political Scenario for Niger 2 - 9 April 2021

New Delhi, April 5 -- On April 2, Niger's President-elect Mohamed Bazoum was sworn-in during a ceremony. A couple of days before the swearing-in, the Niger Military claimed it thwarted a coup. Residen... Read More

International Political Scenario for Guatemala 2 - 9 April 2021

New Delhi, April 5 -- Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei has decreed a "state of prevention" along the country's border with Honduras, amid reports that a new migrant caravan may be forming in ... Read More

NAM committed to supporting UN efforts in protecting human rights

New Delhi, April 5 -- Protection of human rights while adhering to a multilateral framework has been a long-standing objective of the Non-Aligned Movement. NAM has reiterated its commitment to support... Read More

Courage is strengthened by use, not the opposite

New Delhi, April 5 -- Life tests our mental strength, and it is in these moments we reveal our best and worst version of ourselves, but it is in this time we are the most honest Throughout our lives,... Read More

Meat-eaters to Vegan: A journey worth walking

New Delhi, April 5 -- Whatever the path being taken and the level of commitment, the reality is that cutting your meat consumption is a positive step Even though people have been vegetarian for centu... Read More

2021 Indian Premier League Preview

New Delhi, April 5 -- The 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the most competitive T20 league, will commence on March 9 as defending Champions Mumbai Indians take on the Royal Challengers... Read More