Life hangs by an oxygen tube in Nepal

Kathmandu, June 2 -- The situation at Seti Provincial Hospital in Dhangadi is much like the rest of the country. It is at breaking point with thelack of beds and oxygen. Although the number of infect... Read More

Ujwal Thapa's light shines on

Kathmandu, June 1 -- It was in his passing on Tuesday after a two-week battle against Covid-19, that Ujwal Thapa got the kind of public recognition that would have proven to him that his vision for th... Read More

Covid crisis can spur digitisation

Kathmandu, June 1 -- The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the digitisation process of government services from telehealth to telework, online meetings to remote education. Rarely in modern history have... Read More

A yam between two Indias

Kathmandu, May 31 -- Ever since Nepal emerged as a nation-state nearly two-and-half centuries ago, one of its guiding principles has been to socially distance itself from empires to the north and sout... Read More

Nepali migrants again caught up in 2nd wave

Kathmandu, May 31 -- Ram was a security guard in Malaysia until his contract expired in April. His employer wanted to renew it, but he declined because of frequent wage-deductions, payment irregularit... Read More

If Birendra was alive, Nepal could still be a monarchy

Kathmandu, May 31 -- Twenty years ago on 1 June, 2001, Nepal witnessed an unimaginably shocking tragedy. King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya and eight other members of the royal family were killed during r... Read More

Nepal Covid-19 impact worse than official figures

Kathmandu, May 30 -- In its daily briefing on Saturday, the Ministry of Health announced that 4,311 people had tested positive for Covid-19, and 116 more people had died in 24 hours from the pandemic.... Read More

"Be safe"

Kathmandu, May 30 -- When I say, "Be safe", I am asking you to be kind to yourself. I am asking that you remember to wear your mask right across your face without any gaps that are likely to expose yo... Read More

Was Tenzing a Tibetan, Nepali, or Indian? It does not matter.

Kathmandu, May 29 -- We do not know the exact details of Tenzing Norgay's early life, since the records are poor.Despite this, the stories of his struggles as a youth and adult are incredibly touching... Read More

Why are Sherpas always happy?

Kathmandu, May 29 -- For decades, foreigners have noted and celebrated the good-natured cheerfulness of Nepal's Sherpas. One western climber, in a preface to Tenzing Norgay's autobiography, noted tha... Read More