World Bank review

Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- The joint portfolio review of the Nepal Government and the World Bank covering 27 on-going Bank-financed projects with a net commitment of $3.27 billion concluded on 27 August. T... Read More

Inflation at 20-year low

Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- Last fiscal year's inflation rate of 3.6% is the lowest since 2001/02, according to Nepal Rastra Bank. Average annual inflation rates have stood at 6.7% over the last decade, but... Read More

Garbage in, garbage out

Kathmandu, Sept. 6 -- The good people of Okharpauwa in Nuwakot finally signed a ceasefire agreement with the litterbugs of Kathmandu last week to not refuse our refuse anymore. So, just as we had star... Read More

To boost or not to boost

Kathmandu, Sept. 5 -- In terms ofglobal vaccine equity,the answer to the question of whether it is ethical for rich countries to boost with a third dose ofCovid-19 vaccine, seems like a no brainer. B... Read More

Toilet encounters

Kathmandu, Sept. 5 -- Fr K was every girl's heart-throb. Yes. Heart-throb. We used the word for guys who made our heart beat quicken. Sometimes for girls. So, Fr K Heart-throb. We saw him once a year... Read More

A short walk up the Panjshir

Kathmandu, Sept. 4 -- Kids playing on rusted tanks abandoned by the retreating Russians, war debris comfortably incorporated into stone walls to contain sheep and goats, and flickering green flags of ... Read More

Afghans in Nepal await resettlement

Kathmandu, Sept. 4 -- Ever since the most recent Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, they had been fleeing Kandahar andKabul to Kathmanduin the hope of third-country asylum. They have been waiting in li... Read More

A load of rubbish

Kathmandu, Sept. 4 -- Nepal's capital stank for more than a fortnight before Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) decided to resume garbage collection this week with the Department of Roads agreeing to r... Read More

Pushpa Kamal Dahal is still Prachanda

Kathmandu, Sept. 3 -- Nepal's political headlines these days are mainly about therift between K P Oli and Madhav Kumar Nepalthat split Nepal's largest party, the UML. Somewhat sidelined is the role of... Read More

Medicine goes back to its roots

Kathmandu, Sept. 3 -- Nearly two years after the globalCovid-19 pandemicbegan, there has been a revival of traditional Ayurveda medicines that boost the human immune system. While some dismiss herbal ... Read More