Denmark: Historic victory for women as law changes to recognise that sex without consent is rape

Washington, Dec. 17 -- Responding to the passing of a bill in Denmark's Parliament today that, once law, will finally recognise that sex without consent is rape, Amnesty International's Women's Rights... Read More

Rework America Alliance Announces Its Initial Resources to Help Job Seekers Displaced By COVID-19, Expands Partners

New York, Dec. 16 -- The Markle Foundation's Rework America Alliance, a unique partnership of civil rights organizations, nonprofits, private sector employers, labor organizations and educators, is re... Read More

Urgent Reminder in Waynesboro Ahead of Winter Storm Gail: Its Illegal in VA to Leave a Dog Chained out in the Cold

Waynesboro, Dec. 15 -- As your area is under a winter storm warning and parts of the state are expecting snow and ice from Winter Storm Gail, PETA is reminding dog guardians of the new state law that ... Read More

Amazon Expands Again in Jacksonville with Plans for New Delivery Station

Washington, Dec. 14 -- As e-commerce is experiencing an acceleration of sorts in 2020, Amazon Logistics announced its 9 th confirmed facility in Jacksonville's Imeson International Industrial Park. Th... Read More

Mariah Carey, Dolly Parton, Joaquin Phoenix, George Lopez, Other Luminaries Celebrate PETAs 40th Anniversary at Virtual Event

Los Angeles, Dec. 13 -- Last night, PETA marked its 40 th anniversary with a virtual, star-studded party to celebrate its landmark victories for animals and honor the many celebrities who have helped ... Read More

Graduate furthers education helping benefit fellow Lobos

Washington, Dec. 12 -- A health education years in the making and culminating with a final semester of remote learning due to a worldwide pandemic. But time and time again, with every calibrated move,... Read More

Cambodia: UN experts alarmed by 'naming and shaming' of COVID victims

GENEVA, Dec. 11 -- UN human rights experts* expressed alarm at the decision by Cambodian authorities to allow the publication of personal information about individuals who have tested positive for COV... Read More

Water For People Announced as Vanguard Member of the Million Lives Club

DENVER, Dec. 10 -- Water For People is pleased to announce its selection as an official member of the Million Lives Club, an initiative that celebrates innovators and social entrepreneurs who are scal... Read More

PETA to Texas Governor and Health & Human Services Commission: Shut Down Animal Labs

Austin, Dec. 9 -- Spiking COVID-19 cases are compromising Texas' reopening plan, and PETA is calling on the governor and the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to cut cruel animal experiments ... Read More

Johns Hopkins University Under Fire From PETA For Gruesome Brain Experiments on Barn Owls

Baltimore, Dec. 8 -- Just in time for the end of Johns Hopkins University's (JHU) fall semester, PETA has placed an eye-catching new ad in today's edition of The Hill calling on the National Eye Insti... Read More