Kabul airport to be ready for international flights in three days

Afghanistan, Sept. 9 -- Taliban officials and foreign technical teams in Hamid Karzai International Airport HKIA said that the airport will be fully ready for international flights in the upcoming thr... Read More

No one is allowed to protest until formalities are complete: Taliban

Afghanistan, Sept. 9 -- The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in a statement said that people are no longer allowed to arrange demonstrations until and unless they have permission from the ministry of in... Read More

Pakistan provides first tranche of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Sept. 9 -- After the humanitarian aid of Qatar, UAE, and Bahrain Pakistan as Afghanistan's biggest immediate neighbor provided Afghans with 30 tonnes of food ingredients and medicines on ... Read More

China to provide Afghanistan emergency aid of $30, 96 million, corona vaccine

Afghanistan, Sept. 9 -- Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi pledged that his country is willing to provide Afghanistan with Yun 200 million ($30, 96 million) worth of emergency aid and three million dose... Read More

Taliban's caretaker cabinet to last for six months

Afghanistan, Sept. 9 -- Former officials of the Taliban believe that the newly announced cabinet of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will last for six months and then the official cabinet will be an... Read More

Who is head of the Taliban's caretaker government?

Afghanistan, Sept. 8 -- More than three weeks after the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, they announced a 33-member caretaker government that will be led by Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund. The premier... Read More

Taliban monopolize power in Afghanistan, will not last longer: Salahudin Rabbani

Afghanistan, Sept. 8 -- Head of Afghanistan's second-largest political part-Jamiat Islami- Salahudin Rabbani reacted to the caretaker government of the Taliban and said that a government which compose... Read More

Women protest against newly announced cabinet of Taliban

Afghanistan, Sept. 8 -- Tens of women in Kabul took to the streets to protest against the all-men cabinet announced as caretaker government by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on Tuesday, September ... Read More

Resistance front to declare parallel government in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Sept. 8 -- The resistance front in Panjshir province led by Ahmad Masoud reacted to the new cabinet announced by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and said that they will declare a paral... Read More

Resistance front spokesperson, Fahim Dashti was not killed by Taliban

Afghanistan, Sept. 7 -- Acting minister of information and culture and spokesperson of the Taliban Zabiullah Mujahid said that the spokesperson of the resistance forces in Panjshir province Fahim Dash... Read More