Universities to resume in a week, new curriculum will be discussed upon: Taliban

Afghanistan, Sept. 12 -- Ministry of higher education of Afghanistan said that they have been busy discussing issues with the educational association and will resume all universities across the countr... Read More

Money transference should only be carried out in local currency: Afghan central bank

Afghanistan, Sept. 12 -- The central bank of Afghanistan-De Afghanistan Bank- in a new directive said that those who transfer money to Afghanistan should be conducted in local currency-Afghani- only. ... Read More

Taliban kill Amrullah Saleh's brother in Panjshir

Afghanistan, Sept. 11 -- Rohullah Azizi, brother of the former vice-president and one of the leaders of the anti-Taliban resistance front in Panjshir province was killed by the Taliban in Karukh distr... Read More

Khalilzad is grateful to Taliban, Qatar for facilitating international flights from Kabul

Afghanistan, Sept. 11 -- US special representative to Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad has welcomed the cooperation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in letting tens of foreigners and Afghans leave Af... Read More

UN intends $606 million for 11 million Afghans for rest of 2021

Afghanistan, Sept. 11 -- UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called on the International community to join him in Geneva both in person and virtually and pledge their tangible support to address... Read More

Pakistan's PIA does not resume flights to Kabul: officials

Afghanistan, Sept. 11 -- Officials in Pakistan International Airline denied the claims of resumption of flights from Islamabad in Kabul and added that they have been misunderstood. A spokesperson of ... Read More

Tens of university students protest in support to Taliban in Kabul

Afghanistan, Sept. 11 -- As women have held several protests against the Taliban asking for their rights and participation in the incoming government in several provinces in the past week, Kabul witne... Read More

Taliban's caretaker cabinet is most ideal in past 50 years: Hekmatyar

Afghanistan, Sept. 11 -- Head of Hezb-e-Islami Gulbadin Hekmatyar said that the interim cabinet of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is the most ideal one he has seen in the past five decades in Afgh... Read More

Intl-community should let flow of money to Afghanistan, disappointed about caretaker cabinet: UN

Afghanistan, Sept. 10 -- UN has said that billions of dollars of Afghanistan have been frozen by the international community which will lead to an economic downturn, thus the international community s... Read More

Pakistan, UAE provide humanitarian aids to Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Sept. 10 -- Pakistan provided its second consignment of humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan in Kandahar province. As per the statement of the Pakistani embassy in Kabul, the co... Read More