Taliban claiming control over 85pc Afghan soil

Afghanistan, July 10 -- A Taliban delegation led by Mawlawi Shahabuddin Delawar said in Moscow that the fighters now control 85 percent of territory in Afghanistan and are capable to rule over 100 per... Read More

Power should be shared to prevent civil war in Afghanistan: Mahmud Quraishi

Afghanistan, July 10 -- The foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmoud Quraishi in the international relations committee of the senate said that Pakistan recommends the mechanism of power-sharing in Af... Read More

UAE suspends flights from Afghanistan

Afghanistan, July 10 -- General civil Aviation authority announced that entry of passengers from Afghanistan barred as a result of surge in corona virus positive cases in Afghanistan as it is grapplin... Read More

US provides over 1.48 million doses of Corona vaccine to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, July 9 -- The 1,484,900 million doses of Johnson and Johnson vaccine donated by United States arrived in Kabul and was handed to the Ministry of Public Health today. The amount of jabs i... Read More

We did not go to Afghanistan to nation-build: Biden

Afghanistan, July 9 -- US president Joe Biden in his major policy speech on Afghanistan in the White House said that US did not go to Afghanistan to build nation in the first place but this is the res... Read More

Tajikistan calls for help after security deteriorated in northern Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, July 8 -- Sources in Tajikistan confirmed that the country's representative in Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) asked its allies to help them as security is worsening in par... Read More

Badghis capital city yet to be fully cleared of Taliban

Afghanistan, July 8 -- Ministry of defense said that reinforcement of commandoes has been sent to Qala-e-naw city of western Badghis province and the city will soon be cleared of Taliban fighters. Th... Read More

US admits its failure by withdrawing from Afghanistan: Lavrov

Afghanistan, July 8 -- Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov reacted to US full withdrawal from Afghanistan and dubbed it a failure. Sergey Lavrov said that US troops' pullout from Afghan... Read More

Biden to deliver policy speech on Afghanistan

Afghanistan, July 8 -- White House has said that the US president Joe Biden to deliver major speech about his policies on Afghanistan after US troops full drawdown The speech will be delivered today ... Read More

US considering urgent visas for vulnerable Afghan women

Afghanistan, July 8 -- Human and women's rights advocates have asked Biden administration to add up to two thousand expedited and additional visas for women and advocated of women's rights who are pro... Read More