Rude Food by Vir Sanghvi: Pizza party

India, June 13 -- Contrary to what we may think, pizza is not a single dish. It is a family of dishes. Even within Italy, the pizzas of Naples are far removed from the pizzas of Rome. And, in any case... Read More

Humour by Rehana Munir: That rainy day feeling

India, June 13 -- It's one of those pre-monsoon showery days where the weather - much like the Hogwarts ceiling charmed to reflect the sky outside - is conducting the orchestra of thoughts and emotion... Read More

Spectator by Seema Goswami: The middle ages

India, June 13 -- If you have watched Mare of Easttown (and if you haven't, well, what are you waiting for?) you will know that Kate Winslet has deglamorised herself completely to play the detective i... Read More

Ranveer Allahbadia: Crushing hard

India, June 13 -- Crushing it! I accidentally started following my crush but immediately unfollowed them within a second. What are the chances that they noticed? -Manas Sharma, Delhi I don't see th... Read More

Sohrab Khushrushahi: Time to adjust

India, June 13 -- To new beginnings! I'm someone whose workout primarily comprised swimming but I haven't had access to the pool for more than a year now. How can I make up for the lost time and what... Read More

Rahul Khanna: Lockdown wedding special

India, June 13 -- Zoom groom I am having a lockdown wedding and don't want to spend too much on my outfit while keeping it traditional. What would you suggest? -Ankush K, Delhi Ordinarily, I would ... Read More

"At 22, performing arts beckoned me through the back door," says Ananth Mahadevan

India, June 13 -- Where were you career-wise? I was a copywriter in a publicity agency headed by VP Sathe, that was the sugar bowl of the film industry. Everyone from Raj Kapoor to Dev Anand to Hrish... Read More

Social Media Star of The Week: Kamakshi Khanna

India, June 13 -- "I completely stole Jacob Collier's idea for this Reels. I thought it was great that he had put out a set of harmonies and you could sing over him," says Delhi musician Kamakshi Khan... Read More

HT Brunch Game Show: The banana bread bake/off

India, June 13 -- Naimita Jagasia, 26, Vegan desserts, 3 years First bake: Her grandmother's carrot cake when she was 10. "I made cakes with veggies as we wouldn't eat them any other way," she says. ... Read More

'Gave me dirty water to drink, trampled upon my hands...': Indore cops booked for assaulting vegetable seller

New Delhi, June 13 -- Two policemen, working at Chandan Nagar police station in Madhya Pradesh's Indore, were suspended for beating up a vegetable seller while probing an alleged case of theft. A case... Read More