Raia villagers oppose alleged illegal hill cutting near Raia, Sonsodo dump yard, Demands action

Goa, April 17 -- As the world grapples with the effects of climate change, we must take proactive measures to safeguard our environment. Unfortunately, the village of Raia is facing a grave threat to ... Read More

Scorching summer season; Goa temperature remains constant while other parts in India get Heatwave Alert

Goa, April 17 -- In a recent weather update, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning of dry and scorching weather prevailing over the state of Goa. With the highest maximum temperature reco... Read More

Unprecedented Rainfall Brings Dubai to Standstill

Goa, April 17 -- Dubai experienced a deluge on Tuesday as heavy thunderstorms swept across the United Arab Emirates, causing significant flooding and disrupting daily life in the glitzy city. Over a y... Read More

Devotees across Goa celebrate birth of lord Ram with great fervent and devotion

Goa, April 17 -- Ram Navami was celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion on Wednesday at Ram temple across the state. Devotees thronged the temples to celebrate the birth of lord Ram. Worshipper ... Read More

INDIA Bloc South Goa Candidate Captain Viriato Fernandes Files Nomination for Lok Sabha 2024 elections

Goa, April 17 -- Captain Viriato Fernandes, the candidate of INDIA bloc for the South Goa Lok Sabha seat, officially filed his nomination for the upcoming 2024 elections. His nomination filing witness... Read More

Will stop operations of Candolim lounge: Pollution Control Board in HC

PANJIM, April 17 -- The Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) on Tuesday told the High Court of Bombay at Goa that it will immediately stop operations in the Shambhala Beach Lounge at Candolim. D... Read More

Opinion of CM is my opinion: Pallavi

MARGAO, April 17 -- When Pallavi Dempo emerged out after filing her nomination papers at South Goa Collectorate office, she was asked by the reporters what were the issues raised by the people of Sout... Read More

Viriato goes local with "on the ground issues" in a national election

PANJIM, April 17 -- National is also local seems to be the manta of the Congress South Goa campaign Law and order, safety of senior citizens, the plight of taxi operators and rising unemployment have ... Read More

Citizens worried as Ponda's sewage treatment plants show pre-operational flaws

PONDA, April 17 -- The introduction of Sewerage Treatment Plants (STPs) in Ponda town and surrounding panchayat areas was initially welcomed by residents as a solution to safely treat and dispose off ... Read More

Calangute Association stun Cortalim Villagers

MAPUSA, April 17 -- Calangute Association SC stunned their opponents Cortalim Villagers 5-1 in the Goa Professional League match played at Duler Stadium, here, on Tuesday. Die-hard Calangute Associat... Read More