Soul searching from India's coast to coast

Goa, Jan. 27 -- Sun tan, fatigue and homesickness, these words don't exist in Lueit Hazarika's dictionary. With his positive attitude and his curiosity to learn more about the people of India, he set ... Read More

Me Today, You Tomorrow

Goa, Jan. 27 -- Set in the village of Carona, 'Aiz Mhaka Falya Tuka' (Me Today, You Tomorrow), revolves around a strange supernatural mystery. The Konkani film, 'Aiz Mhaka Falya Tuka', will have its p... Read More

Letters to the editor ( 27 January 2023)

Goa, Jan. 27 -- It is learnt that the villagers in Benaulim have stepped up their efforts to catch and shame those who dump waste along the roadsides in the village. The alert locals, who have been m... Read More

Hands off Educational Institutions

Goa, Jan. 27 -- Not satisfied with imposing its views on independent institutions like the Enforcement Directorate, the CBI, the Election Commission and even trying its luck in the Supreme Court, the ... Read More


Goa, Jan. 27 -- There is a huge wave and we are not referring to the waves on Goa's famed shores, these waves are actually a tsunami, hitting Goans from all walks of life and swamping them. The news ... Read More

Population explosion hindering development

Goa, Jan. 27 -- The accusation is that father Jhanwar Lal killed his own daughter Anshika alias Anshula to save his government job where he was employed on a contractual basis. The incident took plac... Read More

74th Republic Day celebration held across Goa

Goa, Jan. 26 -- on the occasion of the 74th Republic Day, several patriotic and traditional programmes were held across the state. Here are the glimpses of the celebrations. Published by HT Digital C... Read More

Goans should unite as on to work for its country & protect its culture: GUV on Republic Day

Goa, Jan. 26 -- On the occasion of the 74th Republic Day celebration held in the capital city, while addressing the gather Goa Governor P.S Pillai appealed to the people of Goa and their country to st... Read More

Arambol Farmer in tear after crops destroyed as saltwater enters his field

Goa, Jan. 26 -- Today in this special story we will show you the plight whose entire livelihood depended on farming. Today he is in tears after all this crops are destroyed he his left with nothing. B... Read More

What needs to be done to bring the accused in child abuse cases to justice?

Goa, Jan. 26 -- The statistics on crimes against children are alarming and depressing. But what needs to be done to bring the accused in crimes against children to justice? What training should be imp... Read More