That prickly presence in the thick of the thicket

India, Jan. 16 -- The central subject of the personal essay is the author himself. Its undying father, Montaigne, said. "I am myself the matter of my book," when the first two books of his essays appe... Read More

An inspiration to women today

India, Jan. 16 -- 1What led you to the story of Queen Jindan Kaur? Rani Jindan Kaur's story resonated with me because she was a strong and charismatic woman who rose to power and battled against grea... Read More

And the Covid vaccine is here

India, Jan. 16 -- When India begins its coronavirus vaccination drive on Saturday, it will start with some of the biggest numbers: 300,000 potential recipients, 3,006 centres, and over 16 million dose... Read More

The psychology of Trump's supporters

India, Jan. 16 -- As President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the United States (US) Capitol on January 6, I wondered if a man I had interviewed at a Trump rally in Pennsylvania was among them. "I ... Read More

The modern form of institutionalised casteism

India, Jan. 16 -- India's "tryst with destiny", which Jawaharlal Nehru announced on the midnight of Independence, was supposed to bring dignity for its Dalit and Adivasi citizens. However, there have ... Read More

A moment in time, frozen forever

India, Jan. 16 -- "What is the first image that comes to mind when you think about your brother?" I asked Lalitha Lajmi (88), the eminent artist, who also happens to be Guru Dutt's much-loved younger ... Read More

The river of stories

India, Jan. 16 -- Within its vast frame, the Kathasaritasagara has several hundred stories that owe their origin to India's limitless storehouse of myth, scripture, and folklore. Snake gods rub should... Read More

Olympians to be hired as coaches

New Delhi, Jan. 16 -- The Sports Ministry is looking to hire Olympians and Paralympians as coaches for Sports Authority of India's (SAI) National Centres of Excellence to fill up vacant posts. A SAI n... Read More

US blacklists Xiaomi mobiles

NEW DELHI, Jan. 16 -- The outgoing Trump administration continues to pressure China in its final days, adding Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi, whose handsets account for almost a quarter of India's ma... Read More

Not just poultry trade, CARI research too in danger

Lucknow, Jan. 16 -- The recent outbreak of avian influenza or bird flu in various states, including Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur zoo where samples of two dead birds tested positive, has put over four decade... Read More