Jaffna International Airport declared today.

Sri Lanka, Oct. 17 -- The Jaffna International Airport was declared open by President Maithripala Sirisena in Palaly today. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviatio... Read More

Innovation hub of Asia.

Sri Lanka, Oct. 16 -- The Tech City Development Project was initiated in early 2017 under the patronage of the Megapolis and Western Development Ministry to implement the Master Plan prepared for scie... Read More

First 8 months Sri Lanka tourism earns US$2.3bn

Sri Lanka, Oct. 16 -- Sri Lanka's tourism sector earnings were estimated at US $2,380 million during the first eight months of 2019 compared to US $2,971 million during the corresponding period of 201... Read More

'National Innovation Agency'.

Sri Lanka, Oct. 16 -- The Government is to set up a new 'National Innovation Agency' to promote innovation and research to support national economic goals. The Bill to provide for the establishment of... Read More

Palaly Airport comes to life again

Sri Lanka, Oct. 16 -- 17 October Sri Lanka is scheduled to re-open the Palaly Airport as its third international aerodrome. There will be many who will applaud and give praise for the refurbishment an... Read More

Producer's Price Index records 1.4% annual growth

Sri Lanka, Oct. 16 -- The Producer's Price Index (PPI) of all economic activities covering: agriculture, manufacturing and water supply & electricity for the month of August reached 134.3. The annual ... Read More

Netherland assistance 14 billion for rural development

Sri Lanka, Oct. 16 -- The Government of Sri Lanka has signed two agreements with the Government of Netherlands for Rs. 14 billion financial assistance for the construction of 200 rural brides and the ... Read More

President lays foundation stone for large-scale cassava project

Sri Lanka, Oct. 9 -- The first-ever large scale Green Investment Project of introducing cassava (manioc) to the international market through the Foreign Direct Investment worth US Dollar 40 million, g... Read More

Palali airport inaugurated on Oct 17

Sri Lanka, Oct. 9 -- The opening of the Palali airport for international flights is scheduled to be inaugurated on October 17. A spokesman from the Transport and Civil Aviation Ministry said the const... Read More

Pearson Tech Summit set to Ignite, Inspire and Transform local IT industry

Sri Lanka, Oct. 9 -- Pearson Lanka officially announced the launch of 'Pearson Tech Summit', a high-powered conference featuring many local and international speakers from the Information Technology s... Read More