Golf Pros pay homage to Judge Bomani

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 18 -- PROFESSIONAL Golfers Association Tanzania (PGAT) has paid homage to the First Tanzania's Attorney General, Retired Judge Mark Bomani who was laid to rest this week, as secon... Read More

Gold prices shoot as Geita Expo kicks-off

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 18 -- THE international trade fair dedicated for the mining sector, opened yesterday in the country's gold-rich region Geita, with reports that gold prices have nearly doubled. T... Read More

NBS to issue statistics of migrants

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 18 -- THE Director General of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Dr Albina Chuwa, has said her office intends to extend its ability to have statistics of migrants into the c... Read More

Mwinyi pledges to empower entrepreneurs

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 18 -- CCM Zanzibar presidential candidate Dr Hussein Mwinyi on Friday pledged financial and technological support to small entrepreneurs but asked them to come together and form s... Read More

Kenya shuts camp that blocked wildebeest migration

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 18 -- THEKenyan authorities have ordered the closure of a tourist camp built in the Masai Mara that blocked wildebeests from their annual migration to Serengeti park in Tanzania. ... Read More

Creditors warned of using borrowers' IDs as collateral

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 18 -- THE National Identification Authority (NIDA) has warned financial institutions and other credit facilities of a growing trend of retaining people's identification cards (IDs... Read More

Eala Speaker pushes for strengthening EAC researches

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 18 -- SPEAKER of the East African Legislative Assembly (Eala) Martin Ngoga has asked Research on Poverty Alleviation (Repoa) to conduct research that will focus on strengthening t... Read More

Speed up irrigation programmes, engineers urged

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 18 -- REGIONAL irrigation engineers have been instructed to speed up various programmes to increase irrigated areas from 694,715 hectares to one million hectares by 2025. Speakin... Read More

UPDP: We'll cane criminals convicted of graft

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 17 -- CRIMINALS or any person, who would be convicted of any corruption in the country, will be caned, as an immediate discipline, UPDP political party Presidential aspirants have... Read More

Researcher faces tax dodging charges

Dar es Salaam, Sept. 17 -- A RESEARCHER, Geofrey Kilimba, appeared before the Kisutu Resident Magistrate's Court in Dar es Salaam on Thursday charged with leading organized crime, failure to pay tax a... Read More