Feni train-truck collision death count rises to 6, including passengers in front of engine

Dhaka, April 5 -- The death toll from a collision between a goods train and a truck in Feni's Chhagalnaiya has increased to six, including passengers travelling in front of the engine compartment. Ga... Read More

'I am fine, grateful for rescue,' says bank manager Nezam

Dhaka, April 5 -- Nezam Uddin, the manager of the Ruma branch of Sonali Bank in Bandarban, has expressed his gratitude to law enforcers and his colleagues for rescuing him from abduction unharmed. "I... Read More

Bank merger guidelines: Acquiring bank will inherit accumulated losses

Dhaka, April 5 -- A bank will have to absorb accumulated losses and non-performing debts if it acquires a struggling one, but in exchange, it will enjoy special security provisions and other facilitie... Read More

Months after victory in parliamentary polls, Awami League faces local election test in hill tracts

Dhaka, April 5 -- The Awami League has chosen not to nominate candidates for the Upazila council elections in a move to avoid angering factions that would not get the official endorsement. Some sugge... Read More

Bank robberies are KNF's effort to 'show off' their capacity, says RAB

Dhaka, April 5 -- The Kuki-Chin National Front, aka the Bawm Party, conducted the three bank robberies in Bandarban to show off their capacity, according to Rapid Action Battalion spokesman Commander ... Read More

Nine more colleges affiliated with Rajshahi and Chittagong universities

Dhaka, April 5 -- As part of the educational restructuring, nine government colleges previously under the National University have now been affiliated with Chittagong and Rajshahi universities. The m... Read More

Fire at jute mill in Khulna tamed after 8 hours

Dhaka, April 4 -- Emergency workers and Navy personnel have contained a fire that engulfed a jute mill in Khulna's Rupsha Upazila after an 8-hour operation. The fire at Salam Jute Mill was brought un... Read More

Nafis Akhter Ahmed appointed as inaugural CEO of Shanta Life Insurance

Dhaka, April 4 -- Shanta Life Insurance has appointed Nafis Akhter Ahmed as its inaugural chief executive officer. Ahmed has been in the insurance sector for over 22 years, serving in a number of rol... Read More

Heavy gunfight in Thanchi after Bandarban bank robberies

Dhaka, April 4 -- A day after robberies in two banks in Bandarban's Thanchi, security forces have engaged in an intense gunfight with a group of armed men. A tourist in Thanchi said the gunfight bega... Read More

Home Minister Kamal announces crackdown on KNF over bank heists in the hills

Dhaka, April 4 -- Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan has announced a crackdown on the Kuki-Chin National Front or KNF, blaming the separatist tribal group for the daring bank robberies in Bandarban for tw... Read More