New president elect- Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to take oaths before the Ruwanweli Maha Saya today

Sri Lanka, Nov. 18 -- President Elect Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is to swear in before the Anuradhapura- Ruwanweli Maha Seya at 11 am today as the 7th executive president of Sri Lanka. Nandasena Gotabaya Ra... Read More

Province 3 plans to construct 'peace parks' in all local units

Makwanpur, Nov. 18 -- The provincial executive of Province 3 has plans to construct at least one 'peace park' in each local unit of the province. Shalikram Jammakattel, provincial minister for intern... Read More

A mothers' group in Baitadi is helping young mothers take care of themselves and their babies

Baitadi, Nov. 18 -- When Kamala Luhar of Dasarathchand Municipality Ward No.2 in Baitadi became a mother for the first time, there was no one to tell her how to give the best care to her baby, and her... Read More

Jordan's garment sector remains barred for Nepali workers over low wage issue

Kathmandu, Nov. 18 -- The demand for Nepali migrant workers in Jordan's garment sector has remained blocked for the past one and a half years due to a government stipulation that mandates labour deman... Read More

International aviation regulator to conduct full safety audit in Nepal in May

Kathmandu, Nov. 18 -- The International Civil Aviation Organisation will conduct a full safety audit in Nepal from May 10-20 under its universal safety oversight audit programme, sources privy to the ... Read More

Health Ministry gears up to declare Nepal malaria-free country by 2022

Kathmandu, Nov. 18 -- The Epidemiology and Disease Control Division has been working to declare the country malaria-free from next year. To that effect and for the country to earn malaria-free status,... Read More

A model for transparent development projects

Nepal, Nov. 18 -- For most Americans, like me, November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States and an opportunity to reflect on the things we value and for which we are grateful. ... Read More

The learning crisis requires a new approach

Nepal, Nov. 18 -- For most children, turning 10 is an exciting moment. They're learning more about the world and expanding their horizons. But too many children-more than half of all 10-year-olds in l... Read More

Predators on the prowl

Nepal, Nov. 18 -- There are enough stories in the media that reveal how predators have been using humanitarian employment as a cover for crimes and a vehicle to access vulnerable populations. And over... Read More

Oli to offer party reins to Dahal in exchange for his own men in cabinet

Kathmandu, Nov. 18 -- Prime Minister and Nepal Communist Party Co-chair KP Sharma Oli, who appeared to have been in a bid to consolidate power despite his weakening health, now seems to have decided t... Read More