Ghaziabad court awards death to man for rape and murder of 2-yr-old girl

India, Jan. 21 -- A Ghaziabad fast-track court on Wednesday awarded death to a 30-year-old man for raping and murdering the two-and-half-year-old daughter of his colleague, on the night on October 19,... Read More

Suicide bomber's father further remanded

Sri Lanka, Jan. 21 -- The father of suicide bomber Alaudeen Ahmed Muaad who detonated a bomb at the St.Anthony's Church in Kochchikade on Easter Sunday in 2019, was further remanded till February 2 by... Read More

GMOA cautions spike in COVID cases in January

Sri Lanka, Jan. 21 -- Government Medical Officers' Association yesterday cautioned on the spike in COVID-19 positive cases reported from January 1. "More than 11,000 COVID positive cases have been re... Read More

Fleeing COVID infected man found

Sri Lanka, Jan. 21 -- The COVID infected man who fled the Punanai COVID treatment centre on Tuesday (19) night has been found in Eheliyagoda, police said. Police media spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana s... Read More

Dignities of communities must be respected - Teplitz

Sri Lanka, Jan. 21 -- The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Alaina B. Teplitz says the right and dignity of all communities should be respected by permitting the observance of faith in accordance with intern... Read More

NSG bid: A nuclear apartheid approach must end part-1

Pakistan, Jan. 21 -- Recently. The Pakistan Foreign Office has expressing its concerns regarding the discriminatory and exceptional behavior of the Nuclear SuppliersGroup (NSG) in dealing with the Non... Read More

Ranmihitenna Tele Village to be renovated, reopened

Sri Lanka, Jan. 21 -- Cinema Village to be renovated and reopened. Hambantota District Coordinating Committee Chairman Dr.Upul Galappaththi said that steps will be taken to promote the local cinema an... Read More

Herbal gardens around 1,000 temples project initiated

Sri Lanka, Jan. 21 -- The Environment Ministry has launched a programme to plant two million saplings of all medicinal value in religious places under the Husma Dena Thuru tree planting programme. Un... Read More

Airports open after 9 months today

Sri Lanka, Jan. 21 -- The Bandaranaike International Airport which will open today after nine months will see the arrival of 433 passengers. There will be multitude of passenger flights, repatriation... Read More

Prime Finance raises Rs. 526.68 mn capital

Sri Lanka, Jan. 21 -- Prime Finance PLC, a member of the Prime Group, announced that it raised capital of Rs. 526.68 million following the successful conclusion of its fully subscribed Rights Issue in... Read More