Hyderabad: Police seize 6400 ganja chocolates in kirana store raid

Hyderabad, April 15 -- In another crackdown on ganja-infused chocolates, the Cyberabad Special Operations Team (SOT) confiscated over 160 packets, totaling 6,400 chocolates, from a local kirana store.... Read More

Telangana government reduces debt burden

Hyderabad, April 15 -- Telangana government led by Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy has successfully reduced the debt burden on the people over the past five months. Since assuming office in December ... Read More

Fake SI arrested for police job fraud in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, April 15 -- The Masab Tank police, in collaboration with the Commissioner's Task Force (East Zone), apprehended a man on April 13 for deceiving individuals with promises of employment in th... Read More

Eid-ul-Fitr in India: Moon sighting committee to meet in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, April 9 -- The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee of Sadar Majlis-e-Ulama-e-Deccan, also known as the Moon sighting committee, is scheduled to convene its monthly meeting on April 9, 2023, at 6... Read More

Women passengers save Rs 1,000 cr with Telangana free bus scheme

Hyderabad, April 9 -- The Mahalakshmi free bus ride scheme, introduced by the Congress government in Telangana, has emerged as a significant source of financial relief for women and transgender indivi... Read More

Telangana: Justice LN Reddy to submit report on power sector irregularities within 100 days

Hyderabad, April 8 -- Justice L Narasimha Reddy has announced plans to submit a comprehensive report within 100 days regarding irregularities in the state's power sector. This move follows the appoin... Read More

Hyderabad: Police arrest three in robbery near Salarjung Museum

Hyderabad, April 8 -- The Mirchowk Police made a breakthrough on Sunday, apprehending three individuals involved in a robbery near Salarjung Museum that took place on April 5. Along with the arrests, ... Read More

Harish Rao criticizes Congress over Ramzan gifts

Hyderabad, April 8 -- Former Minister T Harish Rao accused the Congress government of withholding Ramzan gifts for Muslims this year, a tradition upheld by the previous BRS administration. Addressing... Read More

Telangana govt reschedules classes I to IX exams

Hyderabad, April 5 -- The State government announced a third rescheduling of the Summative Assessment - II (SA-II) exams for Classes I to IX on Thursday. Originally scheduled from April 8 to 20, the e... Read More

Hyderabad witnesses rise in waterborne diseases amid summer heat

Hyderabad, April 5 -- As the summer season sets in, hospitals and clinics across the Hyderabad city are witnessing a surge in cases of acute diarrhoeal disease (ADD), vomiting, and dehydration, primar... Read More