The disruptive power of disruption

India, Nov. 25 -- Till about 20 years ago, the word "disruption" evoked mixed responses at best and a deep sense of disapproval at worst. Gradually the environment began to change and disruption becam... Read More

Relating research to the country

India, Nov. 11 -- The quality of research by Indians is well recognised. It is equally true that path-breaking research in Indian institutions, in practically most domains of study, is few and far bet... Read More

Fight professional fatigue

India, Oct. 14 -- Methods of calculation of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), developmental indicators and chartered accountancy are again in focus and suggestions on how to make them more reliable ar... Read More

Much ado, but not much done

India, Sept. 30 -- September 24 has come and gone without the most ardent of climate activists recognising in any significant manner that they had no views on the Youth Climate Summit at the United Na... Read More

The gains of sustainability

India, Sept. 16 -- There comes a time in management of knowledge when phrases become cliches and are repeated ad nauseam, without many pausing to think about their meaning or significance. One such ph... Read More