An opportunity to reinvent

India, Aug. 19 -- At the time of writing these lines, news had just come that the Jammu & Kashmir administration will host a three-day global investors' summit from October 12 in Srinagar. Part of it ... Read More

Why taking risks is essential

India, Aug. 5 -- Risk management is a vantage point of perception, which has now become endemic. Almost nothing gets done without some reflection on the risks involved. Progressively, it is being remi... Read More

Nurture neglected businesses

India, July 22 -- Forest wealth is one of the biggest assets for India. It needs application of principles, creativity and innovation in the same scale and intensity as has been done in the larger R&D... Read More

It's only about word play

India, July 8 -- The world of social movements is full of cliches. Every self-proclaimed thinker (or otherwise), takes it upon himself/herself to coin a few phrases and add that to a growing stream of... Read More

From tribalism to tribalisation

India, June 24 -- It was probably for the first time that a definite action plan for tribal welfare figured in a presidential address to both the Houses of Parliament on June 20. It is all to the good... Read More

Reality and forecasts

India, June 10 -- Everyone likes to know the future. The trouble with forecast is that often one does not know how much it will go wrong and in which direction. Nevertheless, forecasting is a flourish... Read More

Expressions of success

India, May 27 -- Everyone wants to be successful. Almost everyone has some faith or belief in symbols and his/her socialisation orients him/her to read the meaning under the symbols and thereby flag e... Read More