Woman gets boyfriend's name tattooed on her forehead, people can't decide it's real or fake

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Cat interrupts dancers recording their performance, steals the show

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Green slime oozing onto New York streets from sewers turns out to be.

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Zookeeper cuddles with huge alligator in 'fun and scary' video

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X user says Elon Musk made Starship 'pointy' because of the film The Dictator, he reacts

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Kid in China writes apology letter after scratching car, asks if he can pay damages in instalments

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Man almost drowns while exploring cave. Scary moment captured on camera

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Teacher's comeback to student's sexually suggestive comment gets thumbs up from people

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Astronaut rushes to gives daughter a hug after Virgin Galactic Flight

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Sakshi Singh shares adorable photo with MS Dhoni, fans call it 'pic of the day'

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