A new exhibition of photographs documenting the Karnali river offers nothing different, and the pieces struggle to make a cohesive whole

Kathmandu, March 19 -- Every month or so, Karnali makes it to Kathmandu's cloistered arts and culture scene in various ways. Either there happens to be a play based in the Karnali region, or a film th... Read More

The Man from Kathmandu: first 'global Nepali film' to release today

Kathmandu, March 15 -- On Wednesday evening, a frenzied crowd had gathered at Patan Durbar Square to welcome Indian acting legend Gulshan Grover. The 'Bad Man' of Bollywood, who has appeared in more t... Read More

The life and death of Syangja's last, and only, film hall

Kathmandu, March 10 -- Growing up on the outskirts of Syangja in the early aughts, radio was still the only means of entertainment. The ubiquity of television was still a few years away and the intern... Read More

Narayan Wagle's Koreana Coffee Guff makes for an engaging read owing to its lucid, freewheeling narrative style

Kathmandu, March 9 -- Narayan Wagle might have taken the Nepali literary scene by storm with 2005's Madan Puraskar-winning Palpasa Cafe, but before that, he had already made a name for himself as the ... Read More

On Shivaratri, all are welcome, none are turned away

Kathmandu, March 4 -- It is a cloudy Saturday evening and the skies are as grey as the chillum smoke lazily circling Madanlal Goswami Pandit and Bablu Goswami Pandit. The two sit side-by-side at the R... Read More

What to see at the Nepal International Film Festival

Kathmandu, Feb. 21 -- Kathmandu's cinema aficionados better roll up their sleeves, as the Nepal International Film Festival starts today and the Nepal International Theatre Festival is just a few days... Read More

Yantra 7.0 hopes to create a robotics industry in Nepal

Kathmandu, Feb. 20 -- Six miniature robots-three black and three striped red-and-white-are placed on the either side of a small green space. This space, 18 by 12 feet in size, resembles a football gro... Read More

Youth-focussed panel discusses social media, entrepreneurship and freedom of speech

Kathmandu, Feb. 18 -- At the first edition of the ongoing Kantipur Conclave at the Hyatt Regency in Kathmandu on Sunday, a youth-focussed panel discussion saw conversation on a wide range of issues an... Read More

The cosmos as a kaleidoscope

Kathmandu, Feb. 8 -- Artist SC Suman came to Kathmandu four decades ago and the first site he went to see was the Pashupatinath Temple. There were more monkeys and more trees, he recalls. And less peo... Read More

Legendary singer Gyanu Rana to be honoured with concert

Kathmandu, Feb. 5 -- It might not be untoward to assume that every Nepali music fan knows the words to the sombre, breezy classic Nepali adhunik song Siri ma Siri ni Kanchhi by heart. Today, February... Read More