Onions will arrive from India in 3 days, State Minister Titu says

Dhaka, March 24 -- Onions from India will be loaded onto trains by Sunday and they will arrive in Bangladesh in three days, State Minister for Commerce Ahasanul Islam Titu has said.He faced questions ... Read More

Dhaka-North Bengal rail links restored after derailment halts service for 5 hours

Dhaka, March 19 -- Train service between Dhaka and North Bengal has resumed after a 5-hour disruption due to the derailment of a carriage on the Panchagarh Express train at the eastern end of the Bang... Read More

Panchagarh Express derails to throw Dhaka-North Bengal rail service off the track

Dhaka, March 19 -- The Panchagarh Express has derailed at the eastern end of the Bangabandhu Bridge, which spans the Jamuna River, halting train services between North Bengal and Dhaka. The incident ... Read More

Traffic tailback stretches for 17 km on Tangail highway

Dhaka, March 6 -- Heavy traffic has led to long tailbacks on the Tangail highway, causing suffering for drivers and passengers. An almost 17 km stretch on the Dhaka-Tangail-Bangabandhu Bridge highway... Read More

Dhaka's rail link with northern districts halted after train breaks down in Tangail

Dhaka, Feb. 29 -- Rail communication of Dhaka with the northern region through the Bangabandhu bridge via Joydebpur was suspended after the locomotive of the Tangail commuter train broke down on the r... Read More

At least 4 dead in Tangail pick up-autorickshaw collision

Dhaka, Feb. 18 -- At least four people have been killed and two others injured in a head-on collision between a pick up and an autorickshaw in Tangail's Mirzapur Upazila. The accident occurred in the... Read More

Woman, son killed as bus crushes motorcycle in Tangail

Dhaka, Feb. 17 -- A woman and her son have died after a bus ploughed into their motorcycle in Tangail's Gopalpur Upazila. The incident occurred in the upazila's Jhawail area around 8 am on Saturday, ... Read More

Bangladeshis erupt in protest over India's GI recognition of Tangail saree

Dhaka, Feb. 3 -- A group of citizens have demonstrated in Tangail against the Geographical Indication tag of handloom sarees native to this central region of Bangladesh, but claimed by India. The dem... Read More

Autorickshaw driver crushed to death by truck in Tangail

Dhaka, Feb. 3 -- An autorickshaw driver has been killed after a dump truck crashed head-on into his three-wheeler in Tangail's Ghatail Upazila. Two passengers on the autorickshaw were also injured in... Read More

State Minister Titu hopes government steps will keep prices down in Ramadan

Dhaka, Jan. 26 -- State Minister for Commerce Ahsanul Islam Titu has assured consumers of stable prices of daily necessities during upcoming Ramadan. He hopes steps like easing and increasing imports... Read More