Contours of coronavirus

India, Feb. 14 -- Call it the revenge of the bug. The new coronavirus, named 2019-nCoV, has done to the Chinese economy what US President Donald Trump could not do. It has wreaked havoc in the world's... Read More

Of pests and climate change

India, Jan. 27 -- The locust attackin western India is not just another local phenomoenon.Eventually,it traces back to climate change It is now pretty clear that the intensity and scale of the Austra... Read More

Migration: I am biased, for people

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Look back at the decade: It's a tinderbox world

India, Dec. 26 -- Growth has stumped environment. The decade of 2020 is the last chance we have to walk the talk and make it right It's the end of a decade and the start of a new dawn, we hope. In th... Read More

Good food is First Food and we must nurture its economy

India, Dec. 14 -- Diversity on your plate can protect diversity out there as well as boost livelihood G ood Food is First Food. It is not junk food. It is the food that connects nature and nutrition ... Read More

Climate Emergency CoP 25: Circumventing climate action

India, Dec. 10 -- For countries like India to have cleaner futures, climate agreements must walk the talk; not just talk the talk Another Conference of Parties (CoP 25); this time in Madrid . But wit... Read More

CoP18, Doha: An assessment A Gateway that leads nowhere

India, Dec. 2 -- For the past 20 years, the world has been haggling about who will cut greenhouse gas emissions and how much. It was a nail-biting end that came in a no-ball game. For the past 20 yea... Read More

Air pollution in Delhi-NCR: Smoke and mirrors

India, Nov. 27 -- Cleaning Delhi's air needs concerted and year-long action on all fronts; because it concerns our health; our right to breathe This is the third in my series on Delhi-National Capita... Read More