19,358 absent, 24 expelled on first day of SSC exams

Dhaka, Feb. 15 -- A total of 19,359 students across the country were absent on the first day of the nationwide SSC and equivalent exams on Thursday. Of these absences, 9,731 were under the nine educa... Read More

'Can anything be done?': Education minister says parents sought undue favours for medical college hopefuls

Dhaka, Feb. 15 -- Education Minister Mohibul Hassan Chowdhury has revealed that numerous parents sent him text messages seeking 'unscrupulous benefits' for their children in the medical college admiss... Read More

Hasina heads to Germany to attend Munich Security Conference

Dhaka, Feb. 15 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has embarked on her journey to Germany to attend the Munich Security Conference, during which she will also meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. ... Read More

Awami League nominates 48 MPs for women's seats

Dhaka, Feb. 14 -- The Awami League has picked its 48 candidates for seats reserved for women in the 12th parliament. The ruling party's parliamentary nomination board finalised the nominations in a f... Read More

Hasina questions BNP's ability to effectively challenge her government

Dhaka, Feb. 14 -- Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed scepticism about the capability of the BNP and its allies to orchestrate a successful antigovernment movement. Their efforts to topple the... Read More

In Bangladesh, 9% of all bank loans are non-performing

Dhaka, Feb. 13 -- Bangladesh's banks had disbursed a total of nearly Tk 16.18 trillion in loans by December 2023, of which nearly Tk 1.36 trillion - or 9 percent - were non-performing. A non-performi... Read More

Poet Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah among 21 winners of Ekushey Padak

Dhaka, Feb. 13 -- The government has named late poet Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah among 21 winners of this year's Ekushey Padak, the nation's second highest civilian award. Singer Andrew Kishore also w... Read More

Rains on the horizon as Bangladesh ushers in spring

Dhaka, Feb. 13 -- Winter's chill has ebbed away, leaving behind a trail of golden leaves that whisper of spring's imminent arrival. Bangladesh is set to ring in a season of festivity and colour as th... Read More

Democracy thrives when every voice is heard, US Embassy says after Haas-Moyeen meeting

Dhaka, Feb. 12 -- Democracy thrives when every voice is heard, the US Embassy in Dhaka has said after a meeting between senior BNP politician Abdul Moyeen Khan and Ambassador Peter Haas. This marks t... Read More

Dhaka Metro Rail trains to run every 8 minutes

Dhaka, Feb. 12 -- The government is making arrangements to cut the interval between arrivals of Dhaka Metro Rail trains at every station by 2 minutes to 8 minutes considering the pressure of passenger... Read More