Nepali climbers are one step closer to making history on Mt K2, as they reach the highest point

Kathmandu, Jan. 15 -- Four Sherpas from Nepal on Friday reached Camp 4 (7,800 metres) of K2, the highest altitude record in winter so far, inching closer to making new mountaineering history. Thirtee... Read More

Tourism Ministry begins looking for a partner to run Bhairahawa airport

Kathmandu, Jan. 13 -- The Tourism Ministry has begun looking for a foreign management partner to run Bhairahawa international airport as it is nearing completion. The successful candidate will be sele... Read More

With upper house prorogued, two key aviation bills left in the lurch

Kathmandu, Jan. 11 -- Two crucial aviation bills that needed to be passed to get Nepal removed from the European Union Air Safety blacklist have been left in the lurch after the National Assembly was ... Read More

Concerns raised about foreign investment in agriculture, but it is needed, stakeholders say

Kathmandu, Jan. 9 -- In December 2017, the National Planning Commission held a discussion with Qatari officials on short- and medium-term opportunities to export for Nepali agricultural produce to Qat... Read More

Fertiliser buffer stocks to be created to ensure regular supply to farmers

Kathmandu, Jan. 6 -- The government is working to create buffer stocks of chemical fertilisers in each of the seven provinces to ensure that farmers have adequate supply at all times. The scheme is sl... Read More

Hotels may close down one after another with no tourists coming

Kathmandu, Jan. 4 -- Nepali hotels, particularly in the Kathmandu Valley, may see a flurry of temporary closures as they have been struggling to pay their employees with no hope of tourists coming bac... Read More

2020 was the worst year for tourism since 1986

Kathmandu, Jan. 3 -- Visit Nepal 3.0 hoped to host 2 million tourists in 2020 but it ended up becoming the worst year for tourism since 1986. The Covid-19 pandemic crisis resulted in 80.78 percent dr... Read More

Nepal revives talks for chemical fertiliser offtake agreement with India

Kathmandu, Dec. 24 -- Nepal has revived talks for a chemical fertiliser offtake agreement with India under which it will buy a fixed amount of plant nourishers from the southern neighbour over a long ... Read More

Annapurna Hotel to close its doors indefinitely

Kathmandu, Dec. 22 -- The iconic Annapurna Hotel on Durbar Marg is closing its doors for an indefinite period due to a severe loss of revenue as the coronavirus snuffed out the tourism industry. Esta... Read More

How a Buddha Air plane flew the wrong way and landed 255 kilometres away

Kathmandu, Dec. 20 -- Next time you take a Buddha Air flight, make sure to reconfirm, as you board the plane, that the plane is flying to your destination airport. Those who did not do that on Friday... Read More