Residents of a local unit in Tanahun relieved after a third leopard was ensnared

Tanahun, Nov. 14 -- The local people in Bhanu Municipality of Tanahun district are relieved, to some extent, after a third leopard fell into a snare set up by forest officials in a local forest. A fe... Read More

Tanahu folk hold puja to prevent leopard attacks

Tanahun, Nov. 6 -- As leopards continue to enter human settlements, locals in Tanahun have been scrambling to find measures to contain the animal. The locals had even used wooden snares, a traditional... Read More

Six children killed in leopard attacks in Bhanu Municipality in the last year and a half

Tanahun, Oct. 31 -- On Monday evening, seven-year-old Ritik Roka was killed in a leopard attack in Bhanu Municipality in Tanahun. The latest incident takes the number of children killed in leopard att... Read More

For communities across Tanahun, Tihar is a festival with benefit

Tanahun, Oct. 28 -- Several organisations across Tanahun of late are using Deusi Bhailo programmes to fund community infrastructure projects and community services. Deusi bhailo is a cultural function... Read More

People residing in wildlife-affected areas to be insured in Tanahun

Tanahun, Oct. 20 -- As wildlife keep encroaching upon human settlements, often attacking people, Bhanu Municipality in Tanahun has come up with a plan to provide insurance to people living in the most... Read More

Lack of manpower affects service delivery in the transport office in Dumre

Tanahun, Oct. 17 -- Shortage of technical human resource at the Transport Management Service Office in Dumre, Tanahun, has affected the daily services. "We have recently been delegated additional res... Read More

Single public office working for six districts

Tanahun, Aug. 22 -- Gaun Gaun Ma Singha Durbar (Singha Durbar in Every Village) has become a popular slogan in Nepal since the implementation of federalism in the country. The catchline means that the... Read More