Hyderabad's gastroenterologist Nageshwar Reddy could be a Nobel laureate; his quality and volume of work speak tons

Hyderabad, Feb. 28 -- M Somasekhar Think gastroenterology and one of the first names that come to mind is (at the top of your recall) Dr D Nageshwar Reddy, founder of the Asian Institute of Gastroent... Read More

Remembering P M Bhargava-A scientist with determination to spread knowledge

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Will a Nasal Vaccine be more effective against COVID- 19?Yes, say trials

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India loses three gems-Dr V Shanta, Narendra Luther and Narsingh Rao

Hyderabad, Jan. 20 -- India lost one of its most prominent, tireless and endearing cancer specialist in Dr V Shanta at the ripe age of 93 in Chennai. In Hyderabad, the city lost its most informed and... Read More

Grit, talent and the break-Siraj Story begins.

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